Job Search for Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs

Job Search for Bars, Restaurants, and Nightclubs for bartenders, waitstaff, and managers. Serving Alcohol has a online search specifically for bartenders, waiters, waitresses, and managers of bars, tavern, nightclubs, and restaurants. … Read More

The Bubble Concept

  By: Bob Pomplun   When thinking of bar safety we like to use the Bubble Concept. With the Bubble Concept, your establishment is within a bubble where you patrol to provide a safety net for the operation.   This is done by continual monitoring of your facilities both indoors … Read More

15 Tips about Entry Control in Alcohol-Serving Establishments

When patrons are first entering an alcohol-serving establishment, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions so that no one underage or intoxicated is allowed access. This is also known as gaining entry control over your establishment. Precautions typically include performing a SCAB (Speech, Coordination, Appearance, and Behavior) check and properly … Read More

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