What Should I Wear: Bartender Outfits

Clothes are a personal expression of who you are and what type of bartender you want to personify (mandatory uniform aside). So it’s no surprise that many bartender outfits are meticulously put together to showcase someone's strengths, interests, and even friendliness. So how and what should you choose?

Bartender Clothing Basics

Your outfit must be professional and hygienic! It’s also a good idea to make sure it’s practical. You should never wear anything too informal to work or show up sloppy. It’s also important to be clean. In practicality, choose comfortable bartender clothing that conveys a message and won’t leave you wet or smelling like booze daily.


Bartender Outfits are a Brand Extension

It’s essential to match the feeling of the bar. Is it formal? Modern? Tiki? Speakeasy? Your outfit should match and compliment your surroundings. But that doesn’t mean it has to be safe. You can play around with jewelry, colors, and accessories. You can express yourself within the brand by wearing a bartender's outfit that takes the company's brand and adds your unique twist. It's a speakeasy-inspired outfit, but maybe it’s all black, or you wear a pop culture/fandom tie.


Bartending Outfit Add Ons

Many bartenders opt for bibs or aprons. Your bartending outfit can showcase the apron's color and material. Add your name to personalize an outfit. You can also wear shoes and laces. For more information on shoes, check out our bartender shoes article.

No matter what you choose, make sure you feel confident while wearing it. Your mentality can convey a stronger message than what’s on your body. A smile and positive attitude will always exude professionalism and confidence.

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