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Free Bartenders Cover Letter Template and Advice

Below is a free bartender’s cover letter template for you to download and use. We hope this advice helps you land a job, from filling it out to making it eye-catching. Check the bottom of the article for a special offer.

Finding a Bartending Job

Our friends at Bartending License Help have a job board that should get you started. Or check LinkedIn, Indeed, your local newspaper, or the social media profiles of your favorite places around town. When looking for a job, you should first investigate the company. Glassdoor recommends you check these five things. Then make sure you’re resume is up to date. If you’re not fully qualified, you should try to fill in the gaps (we’ll talk about this later). Finally, you should make a bartender’s cover letter. 

Bartender Cover Letter Formatting

You should fill in all relevant information pieces like your name, address, and email. It’s important that the formatting matches the current standards (we did that for you!). As well as the contact information of the person working for the company you’re applying to, Be sure to try and track down the name of the person who will be reviewing your resume and cover letter. We recommend doing a quick internet search of the company name followed by the “hiring manager” or “human resources” and then “LinkedIn” to get the best results.

If possible, include two or three people who wouldn’t mind being contacted and used as a reference. Check out this blog from Indeed called Tips for Choosing the Best Job References if you get stuck. Then include an introductory paragraph, explanatory paragraph, and finally a closing paragraph.

Eye Catching Bartender Cover Letter

Include a professional-looking photo to catch their eye and give the person a chance to place a face with a name before meeting you. Bonus points if you’re behind the bar! Don’t be afraid of color and showing off your personality in the document. You can even change the font to match your message. Just make sure it’s 10-12 points and easy to read. And always make sure your cover letter and resume match!

Bartender Cover Letter Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph should mention the job title, business, and how you found the job. If you are a fan of the business, include why that is (“I love your farm to table motto and feel like I could help embody your mission”). You can then briefly explain why you are qualified for the job using one to three short explanations using a noun, adjective, or verb. It’s best to reuse the exact words that are in the posting. “We are looking for someone who is well organized” then becomes “I am well organized, have a great memory, and am always on time.”

Bartender Cover Letter Explanatory Paragraph

The explanatory second paragraph should focus on answering the question, “Why am I perfect for the job?” Since bartending is a customer-facing job that requires good memory, exceptional communication skills, and cleanliness. Learn more in The 8 Bartending Skills That are Essential to Master blog. 

You should list all experience, skills, traits, achievements, passions, and training that apply to the position. However, you should keep it brief and concise. Your cover letter is not a place to repeat your resume or babble on about yourself. You should keep everything to one page.

This paragraph is the perfect place to mention the training you’ve taken. Did you know that in most states, you can receive responsible alcohol service training (commonly known as a bartending license) that is not company-specific and instead follows you from job to job? Not only does it prepare you for what’s to come, but it also shows the company you’re taking the initiative. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Bartending License to learn more. 

If you’re brand new to bartending, you can even take mixology classes online to learn bartending tools, recipes, and bartending 101.

Bartender Cover Letter Closing Paragraph

Then close off your bartending cover letter by including one last fact about yourself and why you are a great fit. This fact is your last chance to make a splash, so take some time to figure out what fact it should be and how to word it. Then thank them for their time and include your signature and typed name.

Don’t forget to proofread your document before sending it off. For more tips and examples, check out How to Write a Cover Letter from Indeed, which we used as a source for this article.

Free Bartenders Cover Letter Template

Download your free Bartenders Cover Letter Template right from Microsoft Word!

To find the document, you’ll need to find it in your downloads. This cover letter is in PDF format, which means you’ll need a subscription to Adobe Acrobat Pro (desktop) or Adobe Fill & Sign (Google Play or Apple App Store) to make edits. Or a similar (often free) PDF editing software for desktop or your app store on your phone to make updates.

If you use our template and get a job, please let us know by email support@servingalcohol.com (we’ll just ask that you provide proof), and we’ll provide you with access to free Manager training!

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