Serving Alcohol License Certification for Bartenders, Servers, and Managers

A Knowledgeable Staff is the Most Important Component of Responsible Alcohol Service

Serving Alcohol certification training prepares you to responsibly sell and serve alcoholic beverages on and off-premises. We offer alcohol certification for bartenders, servers, and managers with restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, or any entity that sells or serves alcoholic beverages. Serving Alcohol is above all the preferred alcohol training provider for most liability insurance carriers across the United States. So get your serving license from the most reputable and your serving license will be the most honored for alcohol servers at any establishment you wish to pursue.

We cover topics in our bartender courses about how old you need to be to become a bartender and how to get your bartending license. For reference, we have a web page dedicated to some helpful bartender career statistics in the US. For general information on obtaining a bartender license (not specific to any state), see our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Bartending License.

Serving Alcohol offers the best option to become a bartender and achieve your online certification for state alcohol training or food handlers certification. We go beyond simple alcohol awareness and carding techniques to deliver everything most importantly needed as an alcohol server in your state. You deserve to know all the possible implications that surround responsible alcohol service knowledge of how to handle certain situations is critical. For example, you may be held personally responsible in the event of a negative or devastating experience. Knowledge of how to handle certain situations is critical. It's necessary for an individual or establishment to know all aspects that surround the service of alcohol. You have earned the right to know this information. A lot of responsibility rides on your shoulders. Get your Serving Alcohol license certificate today! Find your state here.


How do you serve alcoholic beverages?

Serving alcoholic beverages is a great responsibility. It's important to make sure your patron feels safe and you are doing so in a manner that is within your state's regulations. There are different ways to handle alcoholic beverages depending if it is beer, wine, or liquor. Things to look for in a perfectly made alcoholic beverage are:

1. The right glassware

2. Quality and amount of ice

3. Using a jigger for a perfect measurement

4. Quality mixers

5. Fresh garnishes



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