Illinois Bartending License

Illinois BASSET Certification

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What Is Illinois BASSET Certification

Take our basset certification illinois bartending license and get your Basset on the fly The state of Illinois BASSET certification is required for on-premise and off-premise selling and serving of alcohol. Our course has been approved by the state of Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) since 2012 and recently updated for 2024 requirements. We have over 35 years of experience providing state-approved alcohol seller server training to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses.

In Illinois, we are the number one state-approved and preferred state of Illinois BASSET certification. Our course is requested by most employers and alcohol-serving businesses for their staff. If you are an Illinois bartender, server, or manager, our Illinois bartending license is required if you serve alcoholic beverages in bars, nightclubs, restaurants, or events. Our Off-premise Illinois BASSET license is required if you are only selling alcohol as a liquor store clerk or employee of a convenience store selling beer or wine. Your IL Basset bartender license completion includes the Illinois Liquor Control Commission mailing of your official Illinois BASSET card free to your home.

Get your basset on the fly for your Illinois bartending license today This course is also commonly known as the Illinois BASSET license, Illinois BASSET training, or usually as the Illinois bartending license certification. With our online BASSET bartender permit course, you can easily achieve your Basset on the fly today. Our Illinois Liquor Control Commission training provider license is #5A-0105593.

A BASSET card is also required for Uber, Drizly, Grubhub, or DoorDash alcohol delivery or alcohol “To Go” within the state. For those who serve or handle food as well as alcoholic beverages, take the Illinois food handler certification course. Get your Illinois BASSET License fast with Serving Alcohol today.

Difference between On-Premise and Off-Premise

On-Premise refers to selling and serving alcoholic beverages as a bartender or server in a restaurant, bar, or nightclub.

Off-Premise refers to only selling alcoholic beverages as a clerk in a grocery store, convenience store, or liquor store.

Renew Your Basset Certification Illinois Liquor Control Commission for your state of Illinois basset on the fly

Your Basset license is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. After your Basset bartender license expires or just before, you must retake the course to renew your BASSET alcohol server license. If you took our training previously, you'll get through the course easier knowing many of Illinois BASSET test answers.

Click here to renew your Illinois Basset certification.

For Alcohol Retail Seller

For Grocery, Convenience, Liquor Store Clerks

Illinois BASSET Certification

Only $12.99
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How Much Is A Basset License In Illinois

An Illinois Basset License only costs $12.99. Be mindful of taking the correct on-premise or Off-premise Basset certification course. On-premise pertains to bartenders and waitstaff who serve alcohol, while off-premise is for those who only sell alcohol as a clerk at a liquor store or convenience store. An on-premise Basset license does cover you for both situations.

How Do I Get A Basset Certification In Illinois

Need your basset on the fly today? Your Illinois BASSET certificate is available to you immediately upon completion of the course. Complete your training tonight and email the certificate to your manager before going to work tomorrow.

How Long Does Illinois Basset Take

use Serving Alcohol business account to Illinois BASSET certify your staff An Illinois Basset training takes only a few hours to easily complete today. Even faster depending on your pace. The entire course is read out loud with a voice narration speed that can be adjusted for your pace. We help you easily comprehend the information within the BASSET training. The course can be taken on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, Mac, or Windows computer.

What Is BASSET And What Does It Mean

BASSET stands for Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training. It's a state-approved and required course for anyone selling or serving alcoholic beverages in Illinois to learn Illinois liquor laws and do it responsibly. Serving Alcohol is the most preferred by employers within the state.

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Illinois Food Handler Card

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Our Basset Alcohol Certification Course

You'll learn alcohol awareness, intervention techniques, server duties, carding procedures, Illinois happy hour laws, and Illinois liquor laws.  All in a simple online alcohol server training course that is easy to understand. If you're a bartender, a waiter/waitress, or a server looking to achieve your bartender license, then our course is the one you'll need.

    • 100% Online interactive and self-paced training
    • USA-Based Customer support
    • Certification is Valid for 3 years

Who Should Take Our Illinois BASSET Training

    • Bartenders
    • Barbacks
    • Servers & Wait Staff
    • Restaurant / Bar Supervisors
    • Restaurant / Bar Managers & Owners
    • Store Supervisors, Managers, & Owners
    • Liquor & Convenience Store Clerks
For Owners And Managers
Addendum To Your State Certification

Responsible Alcohol Manager Course

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Serving Alcohol Inc has a A+ Better Business Bureau rating as the top rated alcohol training courses

Illinois BASSET License
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Course Will Teach You:

    • To protect yourself and your establishment from liability
    • How alcohol affects your customers
    • How to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
    • How to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated
    • How to intervene when you need to refuse a sale
    • Know Illinois liquor and happy hour laws.
    • How to avoid and deal with disturbances
    • How to accurately check IDs and recognize minors with fake IDs
    • How to prevent second-party transactions
    • How to react to authorities when a problem arises

Completion & Pass 100% Guaranteed

We give you multiple chances to take the course. Busy? Multi-tasking? No worries. Leave and come back as many times as needed until it's completed, guaranteed.

Your Enrollment Includes:

    • Access to online courses and the final exam immediately
    • Access to printable certificate immediately upon completion
    • Unlimited US-based free support
    • A 3-year official BASSET card license is mailed (7-10 business days) from the ILCC for free

Official Basset Certificate Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training
License Number: 5A-0105593

We Meet And Exceed Illinois State Requirements:

    • The course is ILCC required official BASSET certification approved and recommended
    • Illinois bartending license Chicago
    • The course is approved by City of Chicago and BASSET certified renewal or recertification requirements – every 3 years
    • Responsible Agency – Mayor’s Local Liquor Control Commission (ILCC)

Since 1985, we have provided BASSET training for hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses. This course was created by former bar and restaurant managers, bartenders, and servers. Our Illinois bartending license course incorporates decades of research directly from our staff because we have "been there" working in the alcohol serving environment. Respected and requested by the ILCC, Robert Pomplun with Serving Alcohol has held seminars at a few of the recent Illinois Liquor Control Commission's Annual College Town Summit. Very few alcohol training providers are asked by the ILCC to speak at their annual meetings. With over 35 years of experience, we offer the most reputable Basset certification for bartenders, servers, managers, clerks, and owners. Created by professionals in the industry, our course is the highest approved, endorsed, and required training by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC).

Advantages to our online course:

  • Easily complete at your own pace
  • Login and out of course as many times as needed to complete
  • Up to 6 months to complete your course
  • Only 80% to pass
  • Retake final exam until pass if needed FREE
  • Immediately download & email your certificate for FREE

ILCC Basset College Town Summit with Robert Pomplun of Serving Alcohol Inc. - News Fourth Quarter 2019