Patronscan offers a front-line ID scanner, which can help quickly identify fakes. In a fraction of the time, the system performs a multi-layer verification process. So, you can keep the lines moving and have an additional layer of security. Your front and back door security can focus on crowd maintenance instead of continually being pulled back to check IDs. Besides, you can use the system for contact tracing and marketing.


      • Quickly identify fakes
      • Multi-layer verification process
      • Get people inside safer and quicker
      • Gather data for marketing, security, and other things like contact tracing, etc

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   Webinar on June 2nd, 2020   

Security At Front Door

Electronic Security Guard
That Never Forgets A Face


If your customers don’t feel safe, they won’t come. Spotting patrons who have been flagged for bad behavior is your front line of defense at the entrance. Rest assured with Patronscan, your club will be safer.

Checking For Fake IDs

Fake IDs Can Easily Fool Traditional Barcode Scanners


When it comes to catching Fake IDs, scanning the barcode is not good enough. The barcode is the easiest thing to fake with only 1 point of reference to validate. 90% of the security measures are built into the front of the ID. Patronscan authenticates the front and back of the ID comparing over 6,500 data points on the ID. With Patronscan you can be confident that you’re catching fakes.

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