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Bartending Training Courses

How to Get Bartending Training

“Do I need to attend a bartending training course or bartending class to start working as a bartender?”

The quick answer is “no,” you may not officially need to take bartending classes or bartender training certification. However, many establishment owners require some training, certain states also do, and there are serious advantages to doing so.

A bartender’s job entails a wide range of competencies that include both technical knowledge and soft skills. Enrolling in a bartender course will help you get up close and personal with common on-the-job responsibilities so you can test your skills and ease into employment with confidence.

This article looks into the advantages of getting bartending training, why it’s a smart option for anyone looking to start a career in bartending, and how you can get started on that career right now.

handsome bartender giving cocktail to clientWhat’s the difference between a bartending license and bartending certification?

Before we dig into the details, let’s look at the difference between a bartending license and a bartending certification. These are terms that you will most likely encounter when looking up information about bartender training.

A bartending license is a certificate issued by the state to the individual upon completing a state-approved seller/server certification program. A bartending license course educates prospective bartenders on the laws of the state pertaining to the responsible distribution and sale of alcohol. In these seller/server certification programs, you also learn best practices in the field like how to cut off someone’s drinking diplomatically, how to identify fake IDs, and how to avoid selling to minors or intoxicated individuals.

Some states will require you to take a bartender license course to be employed while others don’t. Yet, even in states where a bartending license is not legally required, businesses can still ask you to get one as part of their hiring requirements.

A bartending certification, on the other hand, is optional but the courses offered are diverse. The practical lessons you learn from these bartending training programs can be a real game changer if you’re looking to get employed fast.

Bartending certification providers might require students to get a bartending license first while others offer bartender training along with their bartending license courses. 

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What are the benefits of getting bartending training?

To help you decide whether enrolling in any bartending classes will be worth the time and effort, here are things you can expect to gain from a bartender training course.

You will learn:

Additionally, having a bartending certificate shows your prospective employer that you are serious about your chosen career and are willing to work for it.

How to Get Bartending Training

To get the most of your bartending training, make sure to only work with a reputable bartending license or certification provider. It’s advisable to get in-person bartending classes on more hands-on topics but if you already had some experience or if the course does not require physical participation, you can easily get trained through a bartending online course.

Serving Alcohol’s bartending classes and training courses are perfect for beginners and master bartenders. Whether you’re seeking to get the coveted bartending license or want to gain more knowledge in food handling, management, or making more tips, then a state-level seller/server course is available for you.

Our bartender training provides a seriously in-depth yet easy-to-follow book and course available on your iPhone, Android phone, tablet, or computer so you can learn anytime, anywhere.

Ready for the next step? Check out our available courses here.

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