What you need to know about Wisconsin Reopening

As the dust settles and states begin to look forward to reopening it’s time to think about what types of measures your bar, restaurant, or another establishment in Wisconsin should do about reopening. Before reopening you should address concerns regarding sanitation and safety, employee education, liability, distancing, and continuing to … Read More

Wisconsin DUI Law has a Lifetime Ban for Convicted Drunk Drivers

Wisconsin DUI 4th Offense Carries Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation Governor Scott Walker had enacted in 2018 a new law for those convicted of a OWI 4th offense or higher. This is 2017 Senate Bill 135, which published 2017 Wisconsin Act 172.   Under the new law, those convicted of an OWI 4th … Read More

Who’s calling the shots?

Who’s calling the shots? Tavern owners want more regulation from the state in an increasingly competitive market By Katelyn Ferral Jul 3, 2019 Does the lack of public interdiction of political policy creates a problem for public safety and an opportunity for public danger?  Tragedy usually creates the need for lawful policy.        Wedding barns, … Read More

West Baraboo Approves Sober Server Ordinance

Source: https://www.wiscnews.com/ JAKE PRINSEN Jul 13, 2018   The Village of West Baraboo approved an ordinance Thursday that prohibits bartenders and other alcohol vendors from being drunk on the job.   Owners and employees of establishments within the village that are licensed to sell alcohol will be subject to a … Read More

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