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Does Wisconsin Have Temporary Liquor Licenses?

Wisconsin Liquor License

Wisconsin Liquor License

Question: I have a church organization that annually files for a temporary beer/wine license for their church picnic.  They have requested information so as to be able to sell mixed drinks (alcoholic beverages) during these events.
Answer:  Correct – there is no “temporary” distilled spirits license. Likewise, if licensed for the sale of beer or wine, patrons may not carry their own distilled spirits (or any other alcoholic beverages) onto the event premises.
  • Temporary Class B licenses (often called picnic licenses) allow retail fermented malt beverage and/or wine sales, at temporary events like fairs and festivals. Only specified organizations qualify for such a license. Temporary licenses may be issued to:
      1. Bona fide clubs
      2. State, county, or local fair associations, or agricultural societies
      3. Churches, lodges, or societies that have been in existence for at least 6 months prior to the date of application
      4. Posts of veterans organizations
      5. Chambers of commerce or similar civic or trade organizations organized under ch. 181, Wis. Stats

There are several other locally issued licenses or state issued permits that allow retail sale of alcohol beverages under certain circumstances. The licenses listed above are the most common, however. (Sec. 125.51(10), Wis. Stats.)