What you need to know about Texas Reopening

As the dust settles and states begin to look forward to reopening it’s time to think about what types of measures your bar, restaurant, or another establishment in Texas should do about reopening. Before reopening you should address concerns regarding sanitation and safety, employee education, liability, distancing, and continuing to … Read More

TABC Certification is the best way to complete Alcoholic Seller Server Training in Texas

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) believes in trained sellers and other staff. The social responsibility of these servers is very important to them. The control is through proper training and certification programs. The TABC Certification provides you with the necessary knowledge and techniques. You learn the laws regulating sales/service … Read More

Texas: Texans are no less thirsty on Sundays

Source: The Statesman Ben Jenkins Tuesday, June 14, 2011 Imagine if the State of Texas told a small business owner, “We don’t think you can profit selling sandwiches on Wednesdays, so you and all other businesses that sell sandwiches have to close on Wednesdays. It’s state law.” Seems intrusive and … Read More