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Tennessee TABC Alcohol Server Permit Training

If you are a bartender, server, or looking to get a job as one, you must have a valid Server Permit or ABC Card from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). To get your ABC Card or TABC certification, you must pass a Certified Alcohol Awareness Training approved by the Tennessee TABC.

Our Tennessee TABC Alcohol Server Seller Training program is approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) to meet Tennessee ABC license training requirements. As a bartender or server in Tennessee, you must be certified with a TABC Server Permit every five years. To get your TABC Server Permit quickly, take this course. Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Control TABC certification logo

Our Tennessee TABC certification online course is created using the standards set by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverages Control (TABC). To abide by the Tennessee alcohol laws, the Tennessee Liquor Control Act requires servers to get their ABC license certification. Before taking the course, you must get your Tennessee RLPS ID. Within one year, applicants of an RLPS must complete a Tennessee TABC Certified Alcohol Awareness Training. Tennessee alcoholic beverage commission rules and regulations are more accessible with our course. This Tennessee bartending certification is often called Tennessee Alcohol Server & Seller Training, Tennessee Alcohol Certification, or Tennessee Tips Certification.

Server Permit FAQs

Staff handling or serving food should have a Tennessee Food Handler certificate and Tennessee Server Permit.

3 Steps To Get Your Tennessee TABC Alcohol Certification


Apply For A Server Permit

Complete RLPS ID Application



Take The Tennessee Course

Begin Your ABC License Class Here



Print My License/Permit

Get Your Tennessee Certificate


RLPS ID:  Frequently Asked Questions

What is an RLPS ID?

Only the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Control (TABC) can issue the Regulatory Licensing and Permitting System (RLPS) ID (i.e. 24X-XPER-SER-XXXXXX)

Why Do I need a RLPS ID?

The RPLS number or ID is used to process all Server Permit Classes. You will need it in order to obtain your Tennessee server permit.

How Do I Get An RLPS ID?

For more information on how to apply for a server permit, please visit the RLPS tutorial page.

Do I need the RPLS ID before taking the course?

Yes. We need your RPLS ID so we may process your course completion for your Tennessee TABC certification.

How much does it cost to get my RLPS ID?

The state of Tennessee TABC charges $20 to obtain your RPLS ID. You can pay with a credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard)

Do I need a state-issued ID to apply?

Yes. To get your RLPS ID, you will need a government-issued ID

  • State Driver's License ( any US state)
  • State ID (any US state)
  • US Passport
  • Green card

If I am not a US citizen, can I apply for an RLPS ID?

If you are a non-citizen, you must have a green card. If you have your green card, please use our Contact Us page. You will need to upload pictures of the front and back of your green card.

Can I get my RLPS ID using a cell phone?

No, the RLPS system will not work with mobile devices. Apply and register yourself through the RPLS from a computer (Windows or Mac computer).

After you get your RLPS ID, yes, you can take our TABC certification course on a cell phone or tablet.

What if I lose my login on Tennessee's state website?

Call the Tennessee TABC at (615) 562-2297 or email them at We do not have access to the state's system to help so you will need to contact them directly.

ANAB-Accredited Online

Tennessee Food Handler Card

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Food & Beverage magazine article about Serving Alcohol offering the Tennessee TABC Alcohol Seller Server Training course

Food & Beverage magazine online announces Serving Alcohol Inc. Tennessee server permit

Serving Alcohol Inc. Offers Tennessee Server Training

How To Get ABC License In Tennessee

Tennessee TABC alcohol certification by the state is required for anyone who is a Tennessee bartender, server & manager. Most employers and liquor liability insurance carriers, as well as requiring Tennessee food handler certification, require all sellers and servers of alcoholic beverages to be certified to sell and/or serve alcohol in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, sports bars, or anywhere alcohol can be purchased or served. This course teaches you to serve responsibly by former bar and restaurant managers, bartenders, and servers.

First, you must get your RLPS ID from the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission website. From their website, click on Apply For A Server Permit. We are the most preferred Tennessee bartending license certification for responsible service of alcohol.

The Most Recommended TABC Course

We have been alcohol training hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses for over 35 years. Our Tennessee TABC Alcohol Server & Seller Training is a state required for bartenders, servers, and managers to serve alcoholic beverages. Our training incorporates decades of research on Tennessee alcohol laws. Over the decades, we have worked diligently with the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverages Control and liability lawyers to create the most reputable and recommended TN alcohol server certification training. Select Enroll Now and quickly complete the course in a couple of hours.

For Owners And Managers
Addendum To Your State Certification

Responsible Alcohol Manager Course

Only $29.99

We recognize that you are busy and alcohol training may not be at the forefront of your mind. We aim to give you accurate knowledge and quickly bring you "up to speed" with the most recent laws. Some of our information may seem common knowledge. But, as you do, we take your profession very seriously. Your decisions, while serving alcohol, could make a dramatic difference in another person's life. With a little of your time and our training, we will help you become a safer alcohol seller or server and increase your tips. Select your course, click Enroll Now, complete the course, and print your free certificate and wallet card all within a couple of hours.

Quick and Easy Tennessee Alcohol Server Certification

Our Tennessee alcohol server training course makes enrolling in and earning your Tennessee bartender license easy. Begin the self-paced training in one sitting or leave and return to the course as often as needed. The course guides you with voiceover reading of each page. The speed of the voiceover can be increased or slowed down to suit your needs.

Quickly Get Your ABC Card Today

Need to be compliant in a hurry? Our Tennessee Alcohol Server On-Premise Course, to earn your Tennessee bartender license, is available to you immediately upon completion as an emailed PDF file. Complete it tonight and email it to your manager before work tomorrow.

Completion & Pass Is 100% Guaranteed

We give you multiple chances to take the course. Busy? Multi-tasking? No worries. Come back until you get it completed; it's guaranteed.

What's Covered In The Course

Serving Alcohol, Inc. has over 35 years of experience in teaching alcohol awareness, intervention techniques, server duties, carding procedures, and state laws. Our course will teach you:

  • How to protect yourself and your establishment from liability
  • How alcohol affects your customers
  • How to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
  • How to prevent customers from becoming overly intoxicated
  • How to intervene when you need to refuse a sale
  • How to avoid and deal with disturbances
  • How to accurately check IDs and recognize minors with fake IDs
  • How to prevent second-party transactions
  • How to react to authorities when a problem arises

The Most Preferred State Approved
Tennessee TABC Certification

Our courses are recommended and endorsed by liability insurance carriers. Most liability insurance carriers for alcohol-serving establishments (restaurants, bars, taverns, and nightclubs) require all employees to hold an alcohol certification. Therefore, they will need your staff to remain current with state rules, regulations, and Tennessee alcohol laws.  As a result, more businesses are requiring our server certification as a condition of employment.

We cover topics in our Tennessee bartender course about how old you need to be to become a bartender. Another frequently asked question from us is how to get your Tennessee bartending license. For reference, we have a web page dedicated to some helpful bartender career statistics in the US. For general information on obtaining a bartending license (not specific to any state), see our Ultimate Guide to Getting a Bartending License.

Server Permit FAQs