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Food Handlers Card

Food Certification Training Course

Serving Alcohol has paired with the most leading food certification training provider, Tap Series. TAP Series is an online food handling and management educational company with a 12 year history of providing exceptionally high quality courses and content. Fortune 500 companies, universities, colleges, government, military, and individual students have all utilized their certification training.


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What is a Food Handler?

A food handler is anyone who works or handles food and/or surfaces that are likely to be in contact with food such as cutlery, plates and bowls within a business that sells or serves food. A food handler may do many different tasks such as waiter, waitress, bartender, server, chef, or manager within this business.

Do I need food handlers training?
All food handlers (part-time, full-time or temporary) must obtain food handler training certification.  Most states do require all food handlers to be certified with this training course.  Many have to be ANSI accredited food handler training.
What are the responsibilities of a food handler?
Food handler are responsible for cooking, preparing, serving, packing, displaying and storing food. They must follow any safety instructions issued by an employer, and conduct their duties in such as way so that they do not affect the health and safety of themselves, work colleagues, customers or their employers.
How long is food handler course?
The course and examination take approximately 2 hours to complete. It's very easy and the course will walk you through from beginning to the end.
When do I get the food handlers card?
On successful completion of the course, we provide the trainee with a downloadable certificate and handler card. The certificate is provided for the establishment and the card is for the employee mailed to your home address by the US Postal Service or downloaded after completion.
Can I use my cellphone to take the course?
This course can to be started and completed using any computers, tablets and smartphones that has Internet connection without the need for any other downloads. Do not buy the Food Handler Training if you hold a valid Food Protection Manager Certification pursuant to current food safety law.
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