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Addendum To Your State Certification

Responsible Alcohol
Manager Course

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Responsible Alcohol Manager Course

Our responsible alcohol manager course will widen the scope of information for managers and owners beyond their state-specific alcohol certification. It is not a substitute for your state certification, especially if required. The in-depth information provided in this course is based on experience and knowledge from our founder, Robert Pomplun. For 35 years, he has given hundreds of thousands of seminars to new and existing business owners and managers. This course offers managers and owners detailed valuable information to gain better and more control over their establishment. Alcohol-serving establishments need well-trained staff to mitigate the potential risk inherent in the service of alcohol. A Responsible Alcohol Manager certificate further demonstrates to your liability insurance carrier and the community your commitment to responsible alcohol business practices and maintaining a safe and friendly environment.

This course is part of the Florida Responsible Vendor Program requirement for managers and owners in Florida. In Florida, the managers and owners must take our Florida Alcohol Seller Server Course and this manager course together. If you decide to take advantage of our Business Account, we offer a 15% discount on both state and management courses.

Please ask us through our Contact Us web portal if you have any questions.

Take your state's alcohol certification course and our manager course. This course is not a substitute for your state's course. It is in addition to your state's alcohol certification course.

Florida managers and owners must take this manager course and our Florida alcohol seller-server course to abide by the Florida Responsible Vendor Program.

For California, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Montana, or Illinois, you must take your state's responsible alcohol certification course.

Responsible Alcohol Manager
Course Outline

This is a comprehensive online course which covers such topics as:

  • Staff training
  • House policies
  • Expanded restaurant and bar knowledge
  • Properly check identification
  • Underage Guests
  • False identification
  • Documentation
  • Establishment safety (inside and outside)
  • Different methods to prevent intoxication

Practice what you have learned with real-life scenarios. These scenarios are a safe environment to test how you would respond to possible dangers. Once you have reviewed the content and successfully passed the test, you receive a personalized certificate of completion which can be printed and transferred to any alcohol-related job in the future. The course contains job-related resources which can be customized and printed for use in your establishment. These include sample house policies, employee agreements, signs, and forms that are necessary to reduce liability and better serve your staff and customers. Conveniently take the course at your own pace and your own time. You can return to the last page viewed so your time is not wasted.

Benefits Of Responsible Alcohol Manager

  • Florida Responsible Vendor Program requirement for managers and owners.
  • A library of resources to download and keep for your business. We have downloadable forms such as employee contracts, Incident reports, ID registers, Bartender evaluations, etc. See the list of Management Resources available to download from the course below.
  • Expanded knowledge based on experience from 35-plus years of industry training, research, and experience.
  • Certificate showing your commitment to responsible alcohol service.

Access to this course gives you access to some handy forms. These additional forms should be available at every alcohol-serving establishment's disposal.

management recourses downloadable forms for restaurants and bars.