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Florida Responsible Vendor Program

Florida Responsible Vendor Program has it's Qualifications Checklist for determining the degree to which a licensed vendor has met the qualifications described in Section 561.705 & 561.706, Florida Statutes. (Note: MS Word is required to view and print the checklist).


The State of Florida created this program to encourage alcohol serving establishments and their staff to be and remain responsible and safe.


Beer and Wine vendors whose premises are in excess of 5000 square feet of floor space except from the provisions of this act.


Qualifying as a Florida Responsible Vendor:

  1. Have your employees take our Florida Alcohol Seller Server course and keep their certificates in their employee file.
  2. Have your managers take our Responsible Alcohol Manger Course and keep their certificates in their employee file.
  3. Document compliance by writing the employee's hire date on the certificate. The employee must take training within 30 days of their start date. The employee must be supervised before they have completed training, so document who provided supervision on the employee's training certificate as well.
  4. Document compliance by writing the manager's hire date on the certificate. Managers must complete Responsible Alcohol Manger Course within 15 days of their start date.
  5. Document meeting compliance in the manager file every 4 months. Use a sign-in sheet to show employee attendance.
  6. We provide the necessary employee agreements, they can be downloaded and customize in our Responsible Alcohol Manger Course.
  7. Have your potential employees fill out page 8 of the Florida Liquor License Application.
  8. Keep a summary of meetings, employee events (training, agreements, reprimands) in the manager file. Keep supporting documentation, certificates, agreements, etc in the employee file. We will also store the certificates online so you can retrieve these at any time.
  9. We provide the signs you need in our Responsible Alcohol Manager Course.  You will just need to document where they are and the dates they were hung. You should also document compliance by adding an entry that you have checked these signs after each employee meeting.  We recommend you take photographs of each of the signs when they are initially hung and each year after.
  10. Post signs about Florida state laws regarding underage alcohol sales.

Zero Tolerance for underage drinking.

Benefit to you:

Vendors who successfully complete training and maintain compliance may receive a reduction in their liability insurance premiums.

If you meet the requirements the State of Florida has set forth here they promise to not suspend or revoke your license if someone on your staff makes a mistake. They also "might" give you a break when it comes to fines or fees for your employee's actions.

Responsible Vendor Program Requirements:
Benefits of being a qualified responsible vendor:
(prevent your license from becoming suspended and you losing money)
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