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Reduce risk and be rewarded: Florida Responsible Vendor Program

We make it easy and inexpensive for you to be a responsible vendor in the state of Florida.

As a Florida liquor license holder, you should be aware of both the benefits and responsibilities of serving alcohol. To help you better control risk and obtain a better reward, the state of Florida enacted the Florida Responsible Vendor Program. This voluntary program can protect your license, your customers, and your employees. The RV program works to ensure proper alcohol service by your employees in an attempt to minimize risk to your customers and the public. By following the guidelines as presented under the State of Florida Responsible Vendors Act, you not only have the benefits of a protected clientele, business, and employees but also the benefit of a possible reduction in your insurance liability premiums. Further, the state of Florida promises not to suspend your license if someone on your staff makes a mistake, and the state may even give you a break when it comes to fees or fines for your employee’s actions.

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How do you obtain Responsible Vendor status to qualify for these benefits? We can help you with our simple, do-it-yourself guide specifically tailored to help you both attain and retain your Responsible Vendor status. We make it easier for you:

  • To comply with the Florida Responsible Vendor Program
  • To maintain your liquor license
  • To possibly avoid suspension of your Liquor License
  • To possibly save money on your liability insurance (check with your agent)

Through our guide, we provide online training to both employees and managers without the inconvenience or expensive cost of in-house instructor-based training.  The easy-to-access format encourages learning and keeps costs down– no special appointment, equipment, or instructor is needed. Participants take the training at their convenience needing only a computer with internet access. Our do-it-yourself guide provides all the information and steps that you need to take the worry out of Responsible Vendor compliance.

We have built our training courses around the knowledge gleaned from over 35 years of industry expertise to help you efficiently and effectively comply with minimal complications. With our high-quality, extensive alcohol compliance training, we provide you with the information you need to be in compliance but also with the tools you need to stay there.

We have published the necessary steps on our website. Please visit us today for our simple step-by-step guide for compliance that you can do yourself with minimal hassle and maximum results.

Sometimes this program is known as a Florida Bartending License.