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Get your Louisiana responsible vendor permit with our employer-preferred ATC Bar Card training from Serving Alcohol. If you are asking how to get a Louisiana bartending license, we are the answer as the top ATC-accredited Responsible Server Permit provider.

The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco (ATC) approves our online alcohol seller-server course as the certification of your bar staff, drinks servers, alcohol sellers, vendors, and security staff working for employers in cities and counties within Louisiana.

Since 1985, we have provided state-approved alcohol server certification to hundreds of thousands of bartenders, servers, and managers across the United States. If you need help with your Louisiana ATC server permit, our USA-based support team can respond and resolve your issue within minutes. It’s one of the main reasons so many employers prefer Serving Alcohol above all other training providers.

How To Get A Bar Card In Louisiana

Register with the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control

Take our Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training Online

Start by registering yourself as a responsible vendor on the Louisiana ATC website. Set up a new user account under the Alcohol And Tobacco Control customer portal. Fill in all the fields marked with a red asterisk. 

Watch this short video on completing the online form: Register for the Customer Portal Set Up a New User Account.

 Next, register for a Responsible Vendor Online Training Course: Registering for a Responsible Vendor Course as a Student

Begin your online Louisiana Bar Card course. It’s the easiest and fastest way to get your required certification.

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Information About the Course

The course can be completed within 2 hours or less. We easily guide you on how to become a bartender in Louisiana with our self-paced course. Start and receive your alcohol license all within a day.


Online interactive and self-paced training is accessible on computers, laptops, or mobile devices.


Fast USA-base knowledgeable staff

Our team believes providing responsible alcohol training is more than just a basic notion, it’s a responsibility and livelihood we take very seriously.

Our courses are developed by trained professionals with over 35 years of experience to ensure maximum impact on your staff and business. We are proud to have a responsive and highly knowledgeable USA-based support team. They are available 7 days a week. They strive to reply and resolve any issue within 2 hours or less. Our customers regularly tell us how much they appreciate it, which is a big reason why they come back year after year and recommend us to others.



Who Should Take Our Accredited Louisiana RV Bar Card Training


Bar Supervisors


Bar Managers

Servers and Waitstaff


Door Security Guard


Bar Owners


Nightclub Bartenders & Managers


Any Person Who Serves Alcoholic Beverages


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Accessing the Education Menu:

    • Go to the top of the page.
    • Select the Education menu.

2. Checking for an Existing Student Profile:

    • Under the Student tab, look for the Register for a Course link.
    • If the link is displayed, your account already has a student profile.

3. Linking Accounts (if needed):

    • If you don’t see the Register for a Course link, you must link your customer portal account to an existing student account.

    • Use one of two methods:
      • Method 1: Enter an online access code if you have one.
      • Method 2: Submit your personal information if you don’t have an access code.

4. Searching and Registering for Courses:

    • Once your account is linked, return to the Education menu.
    • Click on the Register for a Course link.
    • Enter course offering details to narrow the results and click Search.
    • Find the course you want to register for and click Register.

5. Confirming Registration:

    • Verify the course details on the next page.
    • Click Confirm Registration to complete the process.

6. Completion Confirmation:

    • After confirmation, you’ll receive a confirmation email at the provided address.
  • Any employee who sells or serves alcoholic beverages in the ordinary course of his or her employment.
  • Or deals with customers who purchase or consume beverage alcohol.

Those employees must successfully take and pass a Responsible Vendor training like Serving Alcohol course and obtain a Responsible Vendor Server Permit.

No, you must receive Louisiana-specific training by attending an approved Responsible Vendor training program.


Any person who sells or serves beverage alcohol or deals with customers who purchase or consume beverage alcohol must attend an approved server training class and receive a Server Permit issued by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control.

Servers must obtain a permit within 45 days from date of hire.

  • Getting your Louisiana Responsible Vendor (RV) Server Permit is easy. Complete a state-approved RV class like the Serving Alcohol course, and as soon as you pass the final exam, you get your temporary certificate of completion.
  • Upon your course completion, we immediately update the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control (LA-ATC).
  • They’ll issue your official Louisiana bar card.

The Louisiana ATC has 35 calendar days to issue or deny an alcoholic beverage permit upon completing an application.  However, ATC strives to issue alcoholic server permits within 10 days or less of receipt of a complete application.

Your Louisiana Responsible Vendor Server Permit will expire 4 years after receiving it. To renew it, just retake our Louisiana course. 

What is the Definition of an Louisiana Certified Server

Louisiana Bar Card On-Premises Bartending License

ATC license that grants the privilege to serve alcoholic drinks to patrons who then consume them within the licensed premises.

Advantages To Our RBS Certification Course:


Easily complete the course at your own pace


Login and out of the course as many times as needed


Up to 6 months to complete your course


When completed today, you will be state certified to serve alcohol within Louisiana.



Checks customer IDs for the purpose of alcoholic beverage service or entry to an on-premises licensed establishment


Takes customer alcoholic beverage orders



Pours alcoholic beverages for customers, or delivers alcoholic beverages to customers

Anyone who directly hires alcohol servers, oversees alcohol servers at an Louisiana ATC licensed premises, or trains alcohol servers how to perform the service of alcohol for consumption with an on-premises licensee.

Our online course is self-paced, interactive, and mobile-friendly. 

Get Your Louisiana RV Bar Card Today