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USA based support 7 days a week for bartenders, servers and managers for state authorized alcohol certification.Please, send us your question or message using the form below. We strive to reply by email and resolve any issues within 2 hours or less. Often, it's within the hour. Our support is based in the USA and our reply will be from a real person (not a robot).

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US based support 7 days a week for bartenders, servers and managers for state authorized alcohol certification.Hours of Support:

9am to Midnight EST
7 Days a Week

Please, send us your question or concern using the form above. We will reply within two hours or less with a detailed answer to your question. If you are ready and need to take a course to be state certified, please select the state you live in with our state alcohol certification page.

We are an American based company with support staff in the USA. Our responses are individually addressed to your particular situation concerning our courses and will include a resolution in regards to whatever device or computer used to take the course. We support many phones, tablets, computers, as well as your web browser to take our courses. Click here to review our supported devices and browsers: COMPATIBLE COMPUTERS, DEVICES & WEB BROWSERS

Your time is essential to us. It may seem impersonal to resolve issues by email, but in respect of your time, it is much easier, quicker and clearer than by phone. We found many times, phone support usually takes more of your time and doesn't fully resolve your trouble.

After sending us a quick message using the form above, check your email for our response. We reply by email instead of returning phone calls. Our first reply email confirms we received your request. A second email will come to you with a resolution to your issue. Our support staff strives to resolve your particular issue within 2 hours or less. Most of the time, it's within the hour.

Most troubles are due to the computer, phone, or tablet used as well your web browser. Using the form below to send us your question will also tell us important information about the phone, computer and web browser you are using. This helps to target and resolve your particular issue very quickly today.

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Our contact phone number is 561-404-5363
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