Compatible Computers, Devices & Web Browsers

You only need a smartphone, tablet, computer, Internet connection, and time. That's it!

Compatible Computers and Devices: #

Use These Web Browsers: #


Do not use these web browsers:

They do not work well with interactive online training courses. If you currently use any of these web browsers, please switch to the native Google Chrome on your Android device or Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad. You will have a much better and quicker user experience. 

We highly recommend Google Chrome when taking this course.  It's much faster and more efficient with interactive training courses.


Clear the Cache in your Web Browser: #

Online interactive learning courses are more demanding of your computer or device than regular websites. We highly recommend clearing your web browser before beginning. The course will react better and quicker. It takes only 30 seconds. Besides, it greatly helps to increase the speed of your browser on the Internet for all websites. Click here to select your device and browser for specific and easy instructions.

Click here - instructions to clear your web browser data or cache #