Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) Is Not Mailing Basset License

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In the past, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission had mailed your official Basset license to your home address. But, recently, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) stated that they will not be sending the Basset license cards to your home address. We believe this is a temporary change as they have been instituting many changes and updates to their entire program.

Your Illinois Basset certificate from Serving Alcohol is legal and valid until and after the official Basset License arrives in your mail. If your address in the course profile is wrong or outdated, let us know so we can update the state’s database.

Quick Information from ILCC:

  • For BASSET card requests, please look your information up: Basset Card Download. Fill out the ILCC request form if your name and Student ID# are unavailable. ILCC Basset request form
  • You have 120 days from your hire date to get BASSET certified.
  • It can take up to 30 days or more for your BASSET card to be available to download.
  • If you require information to be updated on your BASSET card, don’t hesitate to Contact Us so we can update the ILCC
  • Currently, the ILCC will not be printing/mailing, or emailing your BASSET card.
  • You can print your BASSET card here.

You can download your official Basset license directly from the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s website. Click the link below and select “Print My Basset Card.” This can be done after 30 days of your certification. They require three pieces of information: your last name, date of birth, and student ID with Serving Alcohol. Your Student ID is on the bottom of the certificate below the wallet card. If you lose our certificate, you can always ask us for your student ID or download it from our Certificate Search weblink.

Illinois Liquor Control Commission for your Basset certification

BASSET Card Lookup #

Click on Print My BASSET Card to re-print your certification card.

If you need a replacement BASSET card, you will need your “Training Class Student ID.” Your student ID is on the bottom of our Illinois Basset certificate.