Business Account For Food Handler Certification

We do offer food handler training as well as alcohol certification. They do require pre-purchasing of the courses for each staff member. We collaborate with one of the largest and most reputable food certification training providers in the United States to offer food handler and food manager certification at a very low cost. The cost we were able to offer is only $10 per person. They normally charge up to $15 per person.  Through us, you can create your own business account and begin training everyone for only $10 per person today.

Here are the instructions to pre-purchase your state food handler courses for your staff members. Each food handler course will only be $9.95 per person. The food handling courses must be prepaid before the staff can begin their course. 

You can always buy more food handler courses later at the same price of $9.95.  Below are step-by-step instructions to start.  If you need them, Food Safety Manager courses are only $85 per person for your chefs.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click this link: Food Handler Course
  • Select your State from the list.
  • From the page that appears below, click the Add To Cart button.  The price should be $10.

​Add the number of Food Handler Courses needed 

  • Don’t forget to click the checkbox for Terms of Purchase and Terms of Use.
  • Click Checkout button
  • ​Fill out Account Information and Billing information to pay for the courses.
  • On the next page, you will need to create a username and password for yourself
  • Remember the username and password you had created
  • Complete the purchase on your business or personal credit card
  • Now that you have purchased the courses needed, log in to the Administration
  • Enter the username and password you had created previously. 
  • Be sure to check the box agreeing to the terms of use.


Once in the Administration Main Menu, click “Add Students” from the Administration Main Menu.

​If you have troubles along the way, send a quick message to Tap Series through their Suppor

They have options to select an option that fits your scenario.  It would be best to select if I need to purchase multiple licenses of the same course.  

Or, click Yes under “Still need help” and create a support ticket.  They are good at following up with anything you need.