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Our Montana Alcohol Server Training Course
is approved by the Montana Alcohol Beverage Control Division

Our professionally crafted course is approved and created using the standards set by the Montana Alcohol Beverage Control Division. Meeting the expectations for both on-premises and off-premises training. Since 1985, we have alcohol certified tens of thousands of individuals and businesses over the last 34 years. This course is created by former bar and restaurant managers, bartenders, and servers. Free certificate and wallet card given immediately after completion.

This training follows the rules and regulations of the
Montana Code Annotated 2019 TITLE 16. ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO and any related penal and vehicle code. Serving Alcohol Inc. is approved as a certified state alcohol approved program (16-4-1005 MCA).


Insurance Carriers

With all our experience, we give you ultimately everything needed to improve your business' stance with all liability insurance carriers. Most liability insurance carriers for alcohol-serving establishments (restaurants, bars, taverns, and nightclubs) require all employees to hold an alcohol certification. Therefore, they will need your staff will remain current with state rules, regulations, and laws, in regards to the service of alcohol. As a result, more businesses are requiring our server certification as a condition of employment.


Quick and Easy

Our Montana Alcohol Server Training Course is simple to enroll in and easy to take. Begin it in one sitting or leave and come back to the course as many times as needed. Select your course, click Enroll Now, complete the course, and print your certificate!


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Our Montana Alcohol Server Training Course is responsive! Take it on a computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone; on the go or while you sit at home. Now training can be done on your terms.


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Need to be compliant in a hurry? Your Montana Alcohol Server Training Course certificate is available to you immediately upon completion as an emailed PDF file. Complete it tonight and email to your manager before going to work tomorrow.


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We give you multiple chances to take the course. Busy? Multi-tasking? No worries! Come back until you get it completed, guaranteed.


Professional Experience

Serving Alcohol, Inc. has over 30 years of experience in teaching alcohol awareness, intervention techniques, server duties, carding procedures, and state laws. Our course will teach you:


  • How to protect yourself and establishment from liability
  • How alcohol affects your customers
  • How to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
  • How to prevent customers from becoming overly intoxicated
  • How to intervene when you need to refuse a sale
  • How to avoid and deal with disturbances
  • How to accurately check IDs and recognize minors with fake IDs
  • How to prevent second-party transactions
  • How to react with authorities when a problem arises

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Montana Frequently Asked Questions

To sign in and return to the Montana Alcohol Server Training Course, go to our homepage at and click on the big Sign In button towards the top.

The agency that handles Montana liquor licensing and/or bartender licensing rules and regulations is the Montana Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.

The Montana Alcoholic Beverage Control Division

Telephone: (866) 859-2254


In Montana, you must follow the rules and regulations of the Montana Code Annotated 2019 TITLE 16. ALCOHOL AND TOBACCO and any related penal and vehicle code.

Any form of a government-issued ID can be accepted. Including but not limited to:

  • Current state or Canadian driver license or identification card
  • Current armed service identification card
  • Valid passport or passport card
  • Montana tribal identification card
  • Montana temporary driver license and identification card
  • Montana probationary driver license

No person under 18 years of age may serve or sell intoxicating liquor in a retail intoxicating liquor establishment.

Maybe. It’s up to the judge to determine if the nature of the felony should keep the individual from currently or in the future selling alcohol.

A Montana DUI, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, can be one of three offenses:

  • driving while under the influence (impaired) by drugs or alcohol
  • driving with an excessive blood alcohol content (BAC) (.08% or more), and
  • driving with excessive THC (the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana) concentration (5 ng/ml or more)

Answer provided by NOLO

In Montana it is also illegal to drive a boat while under the influence known as a BWI or boating while influenced.

Boating and Alcohol

According to 27-1-710. Civil liability for injuries involving alcohol consumption, a person or entity furnishing a person with an alcoholic beverage is not a cause of, or grounds for finding the furnishing person or entity liable for, injury or damage wholly or partly arising from an event involving the person who consumed the beverage unless:

  • the consumer was under the legal drinking age and the furnishing person knew that the consumer was underage or did not make a reasonable attempt to determine the consumer's age;
  • the consumer was visibly intoxicated; or
  • the furnishing person forced or coerced the consumption or told the consumer that the beverage contained no alcohol.

We have over 30 plus years of experience and considered the most reputable and recommended training provider with alcohol certification. Our founder, Robert Pomplun, has been actively involved in the hospitality industry as an alcohol certification consultant, instructor, manager, and coordinator. Our alcohol training and certification courses, with Robert's guidance, have benefited tens of thousands of bartenders, servers, managers, owners, and security staff across the nation. Our courses will prepare you and your team with knowledge as the most critical component of responsible alcohol service.

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