Making Your Alcohol Serving Establishment A Respected Part of the Community

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Bars and nightclubs can have a stigma to them if the image of the public isn’t carefully curated or monitored. Making your alcohol serving establishment as part of respected element to the community is beneficial for any bar or restaurant owner.  Just take the word “dive bar” for example. It’s … Read More

The Case of Polly Impaired vs Intoxicated

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Over the last couple of years, a significant shift has happened in the alcohol serving industry. The previously overused word “intoxicated” was slowly replaced by “obviously intoxicated” or “visibly intoxicated” and now words like “impaired” and “poly impaired” are popping up. Researchers at the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration found … Read More

15 Tips about Entry Control in Alcohol-Serving Establishments

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When patrons are first entering an alcohol-serving establishment, it’s essential to take the necessary precautions so that no one underage or intoxicated is allowed access. This is also known as gaining entry control over your establishment. Precautions typically include performing a SCAB (Speech, Coordination, Appearance, and Behavior) check and properly … Read More

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