Breaking Down the: Long Island Iced Tea

Riddled with controversy, not just on the amount of alcohol that goes into it; the Long Island Iced Tea has had multiple “creators” in it’s fuzzy past. But first, let’s dial back our time machines back to the Roaring 20’s.   In a time where prohibition was in full swing … Read More

Serving Alcohol and Patronscan Partnership!

Training solutions company Serving Alcohol Inc is excited to announce a new partnership with industry innovator Patronscan. With a combined message of increased safety and security, this partnership will provide real-life, business-centric, all-inclusive options. By both training your employees and using the right technologies and services, you’ll find an increase … Read More

Behind the Bar: Parisian Shaker

Shakers in the art of mixology are essential in creating a perfectly mixed drink. While there are numerous shakers, the Parisian has the best of both worlds; beauty and practicality.   Known as the French Shaker, the Parisian shaker is comprised of a lid as well as tin. It sits … Read More

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