Our New York Server-Seller Course!

From New York City to Rochester we got your covered! Our New York online course is authorized and approved by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA). It meets the guidelines of the Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP). It’s recommended for Bartenders, Bar Backs, Servers & Wait Staff. Restaurant / … Read More

Serving Alcohol’s Iowa Server-Seller Course!

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Need an Iowa Alcohol Certification? From Des Moines to Cedar Rapids we got your covered! Our course is recommended by many insurance carriers in Iowa. It meets the guidelines set by the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division. It’s recommended for Bartenders, Bar Backs, Servers & Wait Staff, Restaurant / Bar Supervisors, … Read More

Breaking Down the: Long Island Iced Tea

Riddled with controversy, not just on the amount of alcohol that goes into it; the Long Island Iced Tea has had multiple “creators” in it’s fuzzy past. But first, let’s dial back our time machines back to the Roaring 20’s.   In a time where prohibition was in full swing … Read More

Serving Alcohol and Patronscan Partnership!

Training solutions company Serving Alcohol Inc is excited to announce a new partnership with industry innovator Patronscan. With a combined message of increased safety and security, this partnership will provide real-life, business-centric, all-inclusive options. By both training your employees and using the right technologies and services, you’ll find an increase … Read More

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