Bartender Career Infographic

Here are some US bartender statistics for those who might be considering a bartender career. This includes some frequently asked questions and the answers to them. … Read More

What is a Brandy Manhattan?

If you’re looking for a sweeter twist to the classic Manhattan flavor, a Brandy Manhattan is another classic recipe you’ll love. Just replace rye whiskey with … Read More

Bartending Tools You Should Know

An effortless job takes expertise and bartending is no exception. Just like skilled artists, bartenders employ drink knowledge and their own choice of tools to work … Read More

Bartending 101

The Basics: How to Start Bartending Bartending is a fun job that pays well. If you enjoy working in a dynamic environment where there’s constant challenge, … Read More

Tennessee Alcohol Laws

Tennessee Alcohol Laws for Minors, Servers, and Bartenders Tennessee alcohol laws apply to all residents and visiting individuals. These laws may vary to a degree locally. … Read More

Put Some Flair Into Your Bartending

What is Flair Bartending? Flair bartending, also called flairtending, is the art of adding showmanship to the drink-making process to entertain guests and customers. Flair bartenders … Read More

What is a Mind Eraser Shot?

The Mind Eraser shot sounds like it would plow you under but it’s actually pretty chill for a drink with such a sinister name. With unclear … Read More

Bartending Training Courses

How to Get Bartending Training “Do I need to attend a bartending training course or bartending class to start working as a bartender?” The quick answer … Read More

How to Become a Bartender

Bartending is a legit career choice that more and more people are considering nowadays. After all, why not? It affords you the opportunity to work in … Read More

The Trend of Binge Drinking

Studies have shown a growing trend of binge drinking among college-aged women. The increase has been attributed to the growth of fruity drinks that are available … Read More

Our Ohio Server-Seller Course

From Cincinnati to Cleveland we got your covered! Our course strictly adheres to the guidelines set by the Ohio Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). It meets the … Read More

Behind the Bar: Muddler

Fresh mint, limes, lemons and berries, can make an ordinary cocktail explode with flavor once their juices are carefully pressed. This careful extraction can be made … Read More

Breaking Down the: Sidecar

The Sidecar’s origins are unclear as with many other cocktail recipes that have been conceived over the years. A French bar and an English bar take … Read More

Our Georgia Server Seller Course

From Atlanta to Savannah we got your covered! Our course is recommended by insurance providers throughout the great state of Georgia. Using the guidelines set in … Read More

Behind the Bar: Tin on Tin Shaker

Cocktail shakers have been around for centuries with the earliest dating back to 7000 BCE in prehispanic Mexico and South America. With cocktail shakers having varying … Read More

Behind the Bar: Jigger

Jiggers! When it comes to equipment behind the bar there is a small list of essentials for making sure your customers can take advantage of all … Read More

Illinois COVID-19 Response

Illinois has been hard at work taking measures to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. Unemployment claims have also taken a priority as the volume of … Read More

Montana Liquor Laws

If you need help, Contact Us and we’ll give you a hand.  We have a quick video tutorial on How To Setup & Register Your Account. … Read More

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