RHI 2021 Summit

Responsible Hospitality Institute Summit 2021: New Normal

Responsible Hospitality Institute, Serving Alcohol, Nightlife Security Services and Patronscan discuss the effects of Covid-19, crowd management, and new security methods to help keep patrons safe. 


  1. What additional responsibilities has the pandemic brought on trying to create a safer environment? 



  1. When you are working with people and orienting them with the tools you have, do you see them as a point of control a point of security or a point of safety?



  1. With outdoor spaces becoming more prevalent, does this add another dimension for underage access, crowd and disturbance management? 



  1. To what extent do you think the diversity of the police who serve as security at night should reflect on gender and the community? Could not having that have negative implications?



  1. Do you see women as an important part of security? Do you see them playing a different role in conflict resolution?



  1. Does diversity play a role in maintaining a safe environment?



  1. Where does insurance fit in after the pandemic?



  1. What are the pros and cons of in-house security and private security?



  1. Should you use in-house, private or off duty police officers as security?


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