Behind the Bar Rail: Parisian Shaker

The Parisian Shaker

Shakers in the art of mixology are essential in creating a perfectly mixed drink. In addition to being a functional piece of equipment it also adds flair to your bartending. While there are numerous shakers, the Parisian has the best of both worlds; beauty and practicality.

Known as the French Shaker, the Parisian is comprised of a lid as well as tin. It sits somewhere between a Cobbler and a Boston. While the top half may look similar to the Cobbler it does not have a built-in strainer.

The top half is designed to fit well with the lower half, similar to the cobbler shaker. However, because the walls of the body and lid sit tight against each other to create a seal they can become a dirt trap while shaking. This can make it difficult to separate the 2 parts.

The Parisian’s visual appeal and practicality make it an excellent choice for bartenders looking for a different kind of flair in their style of shakers.



  • Chill Faster – full steel construction for a greater cooling capacity than glass
  • Tough and Safe – repeated drops and bumps will not break the steel tins
  • Sounds Great – ice moving inside a full steel shaker has a greater musical rattle than a thick shaker glass which insulates the sound
  • Halfway Professional – the lid and body will always fit well like a Cobbler shaker, but the 2-piece design means you need a separate strainer like a professional Boston shaker


  • Can be Difficult to Open – tight seal can cause dirt traps, with contents almost gluing the 2 parts together
  • Need Separate Strainer – amateur bartenders might prefer the built-in strainer of a Cobbler shaker


Want to use a Parisian Shaker? First, make sure to get alcohol certified! Just pick your state and you’ll be on your way to being a certified bartender!

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