TIPS certification vs. Serving Alcohol

TIPS® Certification & Serving Alcohol Training. What’s the Difference

Over the years, we have received several inquiries about the difference between (Training for Intervention Procedures) TIPS® certification and Serving Alcohol Inc. Both are nationally recognized brands as state-accredited alcohol seller-server training and advanced training for managers and their staff. TIPS® training is nationally recognized for its responsible alcohol certification programs. It offers over 6,000 courses in various fields besides hospitality. It is a large conglomerate funded by investment bankers.

Serving Alcohol, on the other hand, is employee-owned and operated. We focus solely on state-approved alcohol training and food handler courses. The state liquor control approves our courses for the states that require them. For the states that do not, we pay special attention to relaying each state’s specific alcohol service rules, regulations, and laws. 

We have put together a checklist to make your selection process easier.

Serving Alcohol  vs. TIPS® certification

Serving Alcohol Training

TIPS® Training

For business accounts, no upfront payment is required! You can receive a 15% discount for simply signing up. We only invoice for what you use.

TIPS requires business accounts to prepay for registration blocks for their passport service.

20-minute response times during hours.

USA-based support team available 9:00 AM – 12:00 midnight EST, 7 days a week.

TIPS® responds within 24 hours.

Students have 180 days to complete training.

Students have 60 days to complete training.

Serving Alcohol will work with employers who have had employees quit or resign. And if those employees have left, we will refund the course if they have not been issued a certificate. There is no time limit on this aspect. Upon the rare request for a refund, they are issued within one business day.

TIPS® only gives a student who signs up for their course 72 hours to request a refund. TIPS® will not issue a refund if a student takes over 50% of their course. TIPS® states refunds can take up to 10 days to be processed.

Serving Alcohol Inc. provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

TIPS® does not list any satisfaction guarantee on its website.

Serving Alcohol has trained thousands of individuals and businesses since 2007. We are the preferred brand among many large restaurants/bars, hotels, golf chains, and individually owned and operated businesses. smiling bartender serving cocktail at wooden counter

We are often asked, “How do I get to be a TIPS® certified bartender?” or “Do you offer TIPS® certification?” The answer is, “We do offer responsible alcohol certification for your state’s bartender certification.”

It’s important to note that TIPS® certification and Serving Alcohol certification training are not “types” of training certifications. Instead, they are “brands” of responsible alcohol training recommended by employers and businesses. You are not locked into taking any particular training course provider.

Think of how some people will ask for a Kleenex instead of a tissue. Kleenex is a brand of tissue, not a type of tissue. You can choose which vendor to receive your state alcohol training from.

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