Serving Alcohol and Patronscan Partnership!

Training solutions company Serving Alcohol Inc is excited to announce a new partnership with industry innovator Patronscan. With a combined message of increased safety and security, this partnership will provide real-life, business-centric, all-inclusive options.

By both training your employees and using the right technologies and services, you’ll find an increase in professional business safety procedures and a possible decrease in fines.

Serving Alcohol Inc state alcohol certification courses Serving Alcohol Inc.

Serving Alcohol’s training material not only focuses on state-level requirements but also teaches sellers and servers: 

  • the effects of alcohol
  • how to observe for possibly intoxicated individuals
  • how to assist and help patron’s that are in a state of confusion
  • explain house policies for patrons and staff
  • server duties
  • most importantly, how to check for proper identification or steps in the carding of customers. 


Dramshop laws are prevalent across the United States and carding is one of the most important ways a server may have for defense from potential legal ramifications.

Properly checking identification and the patron’s state of well being not only at the beginning of service but as the day or night goes on can help reduce serving someone who is obviously intoxicated or is a minor.

Patronscan and Serving Alcohol Inc. Patronscan

Patronscan offers a front-line ID scanner, which quickly identifies fraudulent identification, commonly referred to as fake IDs. In a matter of seconds, the system performs a multi-layer verification process.

Waiting lines at the doors are now expedited through the application of this innovative technology. An additional layer of security and fraud prevention is added which accelerates entry into the establishment.

Door security can now focus on crowd maintenance and control rather than continually struggling with identification. Patronscan services also provide you the option for contact tracing, which has now become prevalent in many locales, as well as the ability to conduct robust marketing for nightclub activity, parties, and events.