Serving Alcohol team members at bar and restaurant expo

A Successful 2023 for Serving Alcohol at the Bar and Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas

Serving Alcohol attended the Bar and Restaurant Expo in Las Vegas and had an extremely productive event. It was exciting to meet real-world users of our alcohol certification courses. Our founder, Bob Pomplun, also spoke alongside Greg Provance, David Bloom, and Gianna Zuzolo on “Security Issues That Affect Your Profitability: Cash Management, Theft and Liability.” It was highly informative and many participated and asked questions. We will be releasing the footage of the seminar soon.

Business owners received a 20% discount if they signed up their staff. Below are some of the topics discussed in the seminar. Definitely take some time to read some of the information. Bob Pomplun giving a seminar at Bar & Restaurant Expo 2023 in Las Vegas


Do you Know Serving Alcohol?

Founded in 2007, Serving Alcohol is an online bartending license certification course provider. We have trained and certified hundreds of thousands of bartenders, servers and managers around the country. Some of the states we are certified in:

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Serving Alcohol’s Expo Booth

Serving Alcohol did not show up empty-handed and went all out in swag and merch. A full 55-inch tv display with a promo video, flashlight-stylus pens, and a newly found fan favorite; Serving Alcohol beer bottle openers. Perhaps new merch will be included in the future, we will definitely see. 

Insurance Mitigation Checklist from Serving Alcohol Inc. Along with merch, free informative pamphlets were provided. These included: Important knowledge on looking for signs of possible impairment;  a tri-fold on how to sign up for a Business Accounthow to become a bartender; an insurance mitigation checklist for bar and restaurant owners;  and lastly, seven steps on how to check an ID for bartenders and servers. 

These handouts were well received by the bar and restaurant industry leaders who attended the conference and seminar. We are proud to provide value and give helpful information. Overall, it was highly productive, informative, and everyone had a blast.

We are extremely excited to say Serving Alcohol will see you next year!