Behind the Bar Rail: Top 3 Ice Scoops for Bartending

An ice scoop is your best friend when it comes to making that perfectly chilled cocktail. Bar tools are there to make your life easier and your work a safer environment. Learn how these scoops can bring your bartending to another level. Be it the metal old reliable, a comfort grip, or one with a drainage built in, we are sure you will find one to suit your needs. 


Top 3 Ice Scoops


Best Metal Ice Scoop

This ice scoop is the old reliable of sturdiness, size and price. Filling several cocktail glasses with the 24 ounce capacity would make this scoop quite useful for busier nights. The ergonomic handle feels good in the hands when gripped. Only caveat is that the handle may get a little cold.


Best Comfortable Grip

Oxo’s Good Grips Flexible Scoop is by far the most comfortable of any of its competitors. While being on the smaller side at 8 ounces it is still quite versatile. The flexibility and rubber handle of the scoop makes it easy and comfortable to use. Since the handle is insulated by the rubber it does not get uncomfortably cold.

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Best Draining Ice Scoop

The San Jamar is the swiss army knife of ice scoops. With a hand guard your hand stays protected from coming in contact with ice. The drainage holes allow melted ice to pass through and not spill into your drink. From a purists perspective it's the way to go for smaller events. At 6 ounces for the bowl a perfect amount of ice will be scooped. Keep it mind it might take longer for several drinks!

Don’t forget to regularly clean your scoop and ice bin at the end of each shift. For more information on safe food handling practices please check out our partners TAP Series for Food Handling courses.

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