Steps to Reopening: Part 3 – Proper Use of PPE

Personal protective equipment (PPE) provides a safety barrier between the user and a contaminate. In the case of restaurant and bar workers, these tools can help ensure safety between you and an individual who is sick and doesn’t know it.

In a previous article, we discussed taking a customer’s temperature and the types of masks that may be made available to you or required.

How to Wear a Mask

  1. Before putting on a mask, be sure to wash your hands, as described in your previous handwashing article.
  2. Pull the mask over your face placing it entirely over your nose and mouth
  3. Adjust the mask, so it fits snuggly (utilize the bendable insert when available).
  4. Before starting or returning to work, make sure to perform a breathability test.

How to wear a medical mask safely Download

Swapping Masks

A Guide To Mask Use



Single-use latex/vinyl/plastic gloves have recently become a hot topic in the hospitality industry. There are concerns about cross-contamination. While some states such as New York and California have legislation that makes it mandatory, many other states have jumped on board, requesting that you use them to fight off viruses.

If your state requires it, you should wear gloves during your shift; otherwise, management may instruct you to do so in the form of a new house policy. One thing that most legislation fails to provide is guidance on when a glove change is necessary.

Glove changes should happen every time you:

  • Begin a new task
  • Exchange money
  • Handle raw food
  • Touch your face
  • When the glove is visibly soiled or torn
  • After four hours of continuous use


A deep dive into cleaning and sanitizing your business!

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To help facilitate the reopening process and assist in the training process, we’ll be offering a free PowerPoint presentation that has been made available with this *information that is free to download and reuse.


Recommended Gloves

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