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Tennessee Alcohol Training Application Process

Congratulations on your decision to obtain a seller server permit in Tennessee. This one-page summary will guide you through the Tennessee alcohol training application process in three simple steps. Please note: the total cost of the permit is $50.00 (state charges $20 and course is $30), and it remains valid for five years.


Step 1: Obtain An RLPS ID From The State Of Tennessee

    • Visit the state of Tennessee's Responsible Licensing and Permitting System Citizen Portal (RLPS) and register for an account (or log in if you are an existing user) using a personal computer or laptop (not compatible with smartphones).
    • Upload two forms of identification, such as a driver's license, state-issued birth certificate, passport, certificate of citizenship, certificate of naturalization, or social security card.
    • Pay a $20 fee directly to the state of Tennessee for the RLPS ID.
    • The state will review your application, verify your identity, and conduct basic background checks within 24 hours. Serving Alcohol has no control over your background check's review length or outcome. If you have any questions, you should contact the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission. (You must not have a felony conviction that relates directly to the sale of alcohol, scheduled 1 or 2 substances, any sex-related crimes, or embezzlement within the last eight years).


Step 2: Create An Account With Serving Alcohol Tennessee TABC alcohol server seller training - Serving Alcohol Inc.

    • Once you receive your RLPS ID, enter it into the Serving Alcohol platform while purchasing.
    • Create a username and password for your Serving Alcohol account.


Step 3: Complete The Tennessee Alcohol Seller-Server Course

    • The course duration is approximately two and a half hours.
    • You can pause and resume the course at any time, as it will remember your progress.
    • Pass the final exam to complete the course successfully.
    • Serving Alcohol will report your exam score to the state of Tennessee.
    • The state will issue your certificate, which you will receive via email within 3 to 5 business days. Serving Alcohol has no control over the timing of when you will receive your certificate.
    • Please note that the certificate of completion provided by Serving Alcohol is not the state's official permit but is meant for your personal records.


Important tips:

    • Ensure the accuracy of your RLPS ID when entering it into the Serving Alcohol system. Spelling and formatting of the RLPS ID are crucial (e.g., include dashes).
    • Serving Alcohol will supply your information to the state of Tennessee in a timely manner. However, data transfer between Serving Alcohol and Tennessee is not guaranteed. 
    • If your name does not appear in the state's system, there may be a delay in receiving your permit.
    • Remember that your seller server permit is valid for five years from the issue date.

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We hope this summary helps you navigate the Tennessee alcohol training application process more efficiently. Good luck with your certification and future endeavors in selling and serving alcoholic beverages in Tennessee!

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