kahlua mind eraser

What is a Mind Eraser Shot?

The Mind Eraser shot sounds like it would plow you under but it’s actually pretty chill for a drink with such a sinister name. With unclear origins dating back to the ‘80s, a mind eraser drink combines vodka, coffee liqueur, and sparkling water to create a fizzy, low-alcohol drink that’s been a longtime favorite among bar patrons who prefer to keep it nice and easy.

Which Drinks are similar to Mind Eraser

A mind eraser shot combines humanity’s two favorite beverages: alcohol and coffee. The bitterness of coffee is neutralized by the sweetness of alcohol, achieving a perfect balance that tastes and feels refreshing.

Essentially a coffee cocktail, the Mind Eraser drink is really just a spin on the classic Black Russian with a vein of soda in the mix.

If you’re a fan of coffee liqueurs in general, you might enjoy other variations of this two-ingredient cocktail. The infamous White Russian is perhaps the most popular of these riffs, adding heavy cream or milk to the original vodka and coffee liqueur tandem to create a decadent, fiery flavor that is deceptively sweet.

Just add a splash of cola to your White Russian and you’ll have a Colorado Bulldog, a delicious drink that capitalizes on the natural flavor harmony of coffee and cola.

Is the mind eraser a strong drink?

On average, a mind eraser shot is more potent than a glass of wine but it won’t knock you out of your senses as the name warns. That is, unless you take too many which, in the case of a mind eraser, can be tempting as the drink goes down easily. It’s a cocktail best enjoyed leisurely.

mind eraser shot How to fix a mind eraser drink

The ingredients of a mind eraser shot are:

  1. Vodka
  2. Soda water
  3. Coffee liqueur

You can mix the ingredients directly in the glass in no prescribed order. However, most bartenders prefer to serve them in layers. To do so:

  1. Pour in the densest liquid first — the coffee liqueur.
  2. Gently add in the vodka, allowing the substance to settle on top of the coffee liqueur. You can do this by pouring the alcohol over the ice or by using the back of a bar spoon to facilitate the flow.
  3.  Add in the soda using the same technique.

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