Master Bartender Course

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Why Master Bartender Course

If you are new to the serving of drinks, begin your career right and enroll now for the Master Bartender course. This is the perfect tool to give you the overall and particular knowledge needed to be a bartender. Some online courses will train on hundreds of drink combinations and different ways of combining them all while charging you a very large amount for this information. In reality, all these combinations are offered through our Master Bartender course with links and references to keep and store when you need them.

Who should take this course?


Our Master Bartender course prepares you for your future as a bartender. Includes mixology of drinks, bar prep, & guest handling. The Master Bartender training course will benefit individuals who are new or want to revisit knowledge about serving alcoholic drinks. We have prepared thousands of people nationwide over various bartender tips, mixology of drinks, and the necessary responsibilities for achieving high bartender skills. This course was written by experienced bartenders for bartenders.  The course contains recipes and links to resources which can help you continue to learn and increase your bartender skills. bartender license training 1

These topics are covered in this course:


  • Bar setup process
  • Bar maintenance
  • Mixology and drink preparation
  • Review of different beers, wines, and liquors
  • Glassware handling
  • Guest service and handling
  • Increasing your tips



Take our course at your own pace and on your own time.  Return an unlimited times to complete your certification.  You can return to the last page viewed so your time is not wasted.  If you need refreshing of concepts or mixing of drinks, your login is available over the next 6 months.  The course is dynamically updated every few months with more resources and current information.


Once you have reviewed the content and successfully passed the test, you will receive a personalized certificate of completion which can be printed and transferred to any alcohol-related job in the future.



If you are required to be alcohol certified, you MUST take your state's alcohol certification course.  The Master Bartender certification will not fulfill the requirements according to your state. Master Bartender Certificate
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The Master Bartender certification will not fulfill the your state's requirement for alcoholic beverage service.