Step-by-Step Instructions to Begin Your Course After Registration

Some people have troubles knowing how to begin their course or what to click on. Here it is step by step:

  • Login to your course from our homepage at and click the big Sign In button.
    If you forgot your password, reset your password:
  • After login, click on the name of your course in red letters
  • Next, click on the Enter button.
  • You will see a red wine glass swarling. This means it’s loading the course for you.  It could take up to 30 seconds to load.  Please wait….
  • If you are just starting, following the instructions on the page.  If you went through the instructions, click on the menu button in the red banner.
  • From the course menu, start at the top of the list with Alcohol Awareness. You will need to work your way down the list for each section. You must answer every question within each section
  • If you are coming back to your course, click on the red round button to the left that says “Last Visited Page“.  It will find and return you to the last page you have previously completed.

Each section must be completed. For most states, there will be 5 sections before the final exam. Each section has quiz questions within each section. All of those quiz questions must be answered or the course will not allow you to take the final exam.  Hint: most of the final exam questions come directly from the quiz questions.

The final exam must be done in one sitting without looking back through the course for an answer. You can not leave the exam longer than 15 minutes between each question. If you look back through the course or pause too long during the exam, it will require you to begin all over again.

After successfully passing the final exam, move forward click the Agreement. Check each statement and click the submit button. It will take you to the page to get your certificate. If you would fill out the survey form, that would be great.  If not, it’s ok. Click the red button to open the certificate page.  Click on Email to send your certificate free of charge to your email. Or click Download to get it directly from the course.

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions by using our Contact Us web portal.