Illinois Basset License Mailed By The State

Your Illinois Basset certificate from Serving Alcohol is your legal and valid Basset certification. The state of Illinois Liquor Control Commission will send your official Basset License by US Postal Service. Our certificate does state that it is valid for 30 days because the Illinois Liquor Control Commission asked us to notify all certified individuals about the mailing of your official Basset license. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission will use the home address from your registration of the course to mail it. The official Basset license will be mailed to your home address within the next 30 days.  Sometimes, it takes them a little longer.  But, the state does guarantee our Serving Alcohol Illinois Basset certificate is legal and valid as your Basset license for as long as it takes to deliver it to your home.

After 30 days, you can check the Illinois Liquor Control Commission’s website for your registration of your Basset license.  There is another link within the same web page from below to “Print My Basset Card”.  They require 3 pieces of information;  your last name, your date of birth, and your student ID with Serving Alcohol.  Your student ID with Serving Alcohol is listed at the bottom of your Serving Alcohol certificate.

Use this link after 30 days to view your basset certification online through the state’s website.