Benefit Of Separate Business Accounts For Each Location

Do you want us to setup separate business accounts for each location or business? Are there other businesses like restaurants, cafes, etc. that might benefit with utilizing separate business accounts? It’s not a problem for us. There is no cost for setting up and maintaining each account. We only charge for the courses taken by staff members.  Nothing extra. 

By having separate accounts, you and your seperate location managers will be able to track the staff members easier. Without separate accounts, you will not be able to differentiate the staff members from their respective locations.

If so, let us know the follow items for each location:

  • The full name of the manager of each location.
  • The manager’s email address of each location.
  • The location’s address and phone number.

Again, there’s no cost for setting up and maintaining each account.  Let us know if this would be a benefit to you.