Certify Your Staff Members With A Business Account

After you fill out the online form on our website for a business account, we will create your new account on the same day. Below is information about how it works for you and the staff members.

There is no cost to setup or maintain an account. We only charge for the courses themselves. Your account remains open for future new hires to your business down the road. Please retain the instructions for those future hires.

We will attach a printable PDF file with step-by-step instructions to print, post, or hand out to each of your staff members to take home with them.  Please, download and save the attached PDF instructions to your computer when we email to you for future reference.

How to Enroll into the Course

Each person must enroll individually for their course using their own email address. Each person must include their own home address and date of birth for the state’s records. After the registration information, they proceed to the payment.  Instead of payment, they use the enrollment key below. If needed, we have a quick video tutorial on How to Enroll into Your Course.  

Use Any Computer or Device

Your staff can use any device or computer (Windows, and Mac, Android, or iOS) to take their course. The course is very easy and guides them from beginning to end. The course will allow the person to stop and come back as many times as needed. The course will remember where you had last been in progress.

Enrollment Key

Each staff member will use the enrollment key that we give to you. We email an invoice to you as the administrator towards the end of the month based on the enrollment keys used.  We state the names of the staff members within the invoice. Remember; your account remains open to use for anytime in the future. When you hire someone new down the road, just give them the instructions we send to you in a printable PDF.

No Payment Upfront

We don’t charge for the courses upfront like everyone else. No need to buy tokens or courses before your staff members begin. We charge only for the courses and nothing else. So, if 5 staff members enroll for their course, we bill only for those 5 people. Towards the end of the month, we email an invoice to you as the administrator of the business account. You also receive a 15% discount from our regular course price. 


Track Staff Progress

We create an administrative account to oversee your business account and the staff’s progress. As an administrator, you have access to an Business Dashboard . The Business Dashboard allows you to track your staff’s progress. You can also download and print each of your staff’s certificates for your records. Take a quick look at our 3 minute video tutorial on the Organization Dashboard from the link below:



We Support Each Employee Individually

We support each and every staff member individually. If they have troubles, tell them to send a quick message directly through our Contact Us web portal.  When they use the Contact Us web portal, we know the type of computer, tablet, or phone used as well as their web browser. This helps us to quickly target their particular issue to respond and resolve any issues within a few minutes. Our correspondence will be through email only as phone call support would just take more of their time.

Don’t forget to download and save the attached PDF instruction file to your computer for future reference when we send it to you.  Print multiple copies and hand them out to your staff members. If you have questions, reply to this message.

We look forward to getting your staff certified today.