Compatible Computers, Devices & Web Browsers

Below is a list of compatible devices, computers operating systems, and web browsers. 

Do not use the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Facebook app
  • Samsung web browser

They do not work well with interactive online training courses. If you currently use any of these web browsers, please switch to the native Google Chrome on your Android device or Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.  You will have a better and quicker user experience. 

Compatible Computers and Devices:

  • Windows 7, 8, or 10

  • Mac OSX or better

  • Android based tablet or phone (version 7.0 or better)

  • iPhone 6 or better (iOS 11 or better)

  • iPad 4 or better (iOS 11 or better)


Use These Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome ver. 70 or better

  • Mozilla Firefox ver. 60 or better

  • Safari 11 or better

  • Microsoft Edge version 80 or better

We highly recommend Google Chrome when taking this course.  It’s much faster and more efficient with interactive training courses. 

Clear the Cache in your Web Browser:

Because the courses make constant calls to the server for work loads are more demanding than regular web pages, we highly recommend clearing your web browser before beginning.  The course will react better and quicker.  It takes only 30 seconds.  Besides, it greatly helps to increase the speed of your browser on the Internet.  Click here to select your device and browser for specific and easy instructions. 

If you have any troubles, please use our Contact Us web portal.  If you use our Contact Us web portal, it is much quicker and easier for you to get you back on track.  We give you written instructions with weblinks for whatever questions you might have.  We don’t encourage calling as it will only delay your productivity. 

When contacting us, please give us your full name and an email address to contact you.  We strive to email back and resolve your issue within a few minutes.

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