Fostering a Respected Alcohol Serving Establishment

Bars and nightclubs can have a stigma to them if the image of the public isn’t carefully curated or monitored. Making your alcohol serving establishment as part of respected element to the community is beneficial for any bar or restaurant owner.  Just take the word “dive bar” for example. It’s meaning is filled with negative connotations.

Some states have gone as far as writing up when and how your establishment becomes a nuisance, take Pennsylvania for example. But there’s no reason why your establishment shouldn’t have a good reputation. Here are top tips on making sure your establishment is a respected part of the community.


Good Security

Maintaining a level of safety and security can help create a positive image. Increasing the level of comfort neighbors feel when your establishment is at peak capacity can mean fewer phone calls or issues. Having a well-lit parking lot and welcoming police can provide the boost of confidence your establishment needs.


Make sure no one is panhandling or loitering. Invest in security cameras and signs to let people passing by know that your establishment is closely watching what happens in and around your location.

Give Back

Use your positioning in the community to give back! Sponsoring charities and events can help your image. Examples that have come up in social media or news reports include:


  • Free food for the homeless 
  • Collecting cans, coats, and school supplies
  • Offering cabs for those who can’t make it home safely.  


One bar even received viral support after they started leaving free drink notes on customer’s windshields when they opted not to drive home. In Hamilton, Ohio, community-driven initiative has revitalized and enhanced the city.


Open for Lunch

Operating at night can even be enough for some to question the intentions of a business. So open up your establishment for lunch.  Opening earlier can bring in crowds and get people talking about your food who may not have come in otherwise. 


What have you done to promote a safe and friendly business to your community? Leave your tips, tricks, wins, and fails below. For more information on a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) approved RAMP Server/Seller Training, please visit