Now or Never: Starting Takeout and Delivery Services

While takeout or delivery may not have been on your radar before, it most likely is now. With the change in the hospitality market, more businesses are opting to expand their offerings. Some may choose to come out and dine while others are still concerned and are only considering eating from home. So, what can you do? Start offering delivery or takeout! Here's how.

Optimize Your Takeout Menu mobile menu for takeout online

Not all things are meant to be delivered! So the first thing you should do is consult your current menu and only offer sustainable items during a long drive. These items should also be easy to make so you'll always have a quick turn around. Alcohol delivery allowed in your state? Be sure to include your alcoholic beverage options.

Order Supplies

Be sure to have a stock of delivery cartons. Consider how items would best be transported and invest wisely. As more eco-conscious options come out, you may want to consider staying any from anything that is not recyclable. Most consumers will probably not mind paying a bit more for a premium product if you sell earth-friendly options.

Prepare Your Staff

Takeout and delivery can add extra stress to your staff, especially those in the kitchen. Be sure to bring everyone together for meetings. Talk about the process, struggles, and ways you can make their jobs easier. If you need to do delivery in-house, will you hire a new person? Purchase a company car? 

Market Your Offerings

Once you're ready, it's time to market your takeout and delivery options. Update your Google listing to show that you now accept takeout and delivery orders. Advertise on social media. Be sure to post your take out menu in any place your customers may see it. Then add yourself to second party delivery services like GrubHub and UberEats. Be sure to follow state and local laws regarding the delivery of alcohol using third party services. Some states like Montana don't allow it. While others like Georgia do as long as the staff is adequately trained.

Check out our Newest (Required) Georgia Alcohol Delivery Course! Great for all delivery service personnel to take!