precautions so no one underage is served

15 Tips about Entry Control in Alcohol-Serving Establishments

When patrons are first entering an alcohol-serving establishment, it's essential to take the necessary precautions so that no one underage or intoxicated is allowed access. This is also known as gaining entry control over your establishment. Precautions typically include performing a SCAB (Speech, Coordination, Appearance, and Behavior) check and properly checking identification.

Here are 15 tips on Entry Control: two ladies in a bar

1. Watch out for younger people using identification that are not real IDs.

2. Do not use the same color wristband on the following events.

3. Put a stamp on the seal of every 21 plus wristband. In case a 21 or older individual tries to take the wristband off and give it to an underage person, you will be able to identify that the wristband was altered in the process of taking it off and putting it on another person’s wrist.

4. If you are using a UV marker as they enter to indicate underage and above 21, use the UV scanners to find individuals
who try and wash off markings and ban them from the venue in the future.

5. Post approved dress codes and expectations at club venues.

6. Post a list of fake ids and state safety features that door attendants can easily see.

7. Do not allow repetitive DWI offenders access

8. Enforce a "no vouching for people" policy.

9. Have on hand: Flashlights, Blacklights, Notebooks to write in, scanners, magnifying glasses, metal detectors at nightclubs, counters to track number of customers, hologram readers, I.D. guides to ascertain valid driver's licenses, posted house policies, posted house identification policies, and use recording devices.

10. All employees must pass a test demonstrating their knowledge and understanding of city ordinances, state laws, and house policies before being permitted to work the front door.

11. All employees are to be trained regularly to keep current on new policies, procedures, and standards of care regarding customer service. security in a nightclub

12. All alcohol servers must check identifications of people appearing to be X number of years old and younger depending on state requirements.

13. Use the word "valid" when asking any person for identification.

14. Make sure to look for minors "sandwiched" in between older patrons or someone who gets pushed through the I.D. checking line by others.

15. Management and experienced alcohol servers should watch over new employees. Younger employees are usually aware of the types of false identification circulating in the area and are an excellent resource for obtaining this information.


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