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Behind the Bar: Jigger

Jiggers! When it comes to equipment behind the bar there is a small list of essentials for making sure your customers can take advantage of all of your liquor, beer, and wine options. One of these essentials is a jigger. In this article, we’ll talk about: the different types, why you should invest in multiple, and what to look for.

Jiggers Types

A jigger is a small object made out of plastic, wood, or metal that is used to measure shots in a cocktail. It’s usually the size of your first and has two openings on either side. In most cases, one size is used to measure an ounce and the other is one and a half-ounce.

Since it’s a popular tool by mixologists sometimes you’ll find it in precious metals like gold, silver, or copper. As well as stylistic choices made out of hammered material or accented.

What to look for in a Jiggerjigger pouring

The most important aspect of a jigger is that it is reliable in its measurements. It’s meant to safely and accurately create a cocktail without over-pouring. In addition, it should be easy to handle and pour. In some cases, it may be designed with a handle to help this easier.

Multiple Jiggers?

Since making drinks is a popular activity behind the bar, especially for martini lounges or establishments focused on cocktails, there should be multiple jiggers available to bartenders. It’s best to have AT LEAST one at each cocktail station. As well as, a couple stored in case the establishment becomes so busy that eligible runners start making drinks.



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