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Cure Your Hangover With Pedialyte?

Pedialyte isn’t just for when your child has an upset tummy. For years, the product has helped kids re-hydrate and recover from stomach bugs.  But adults who are looking to cure a hangover make up a third of the Pedialyte market.  The brand had launched a new marketing campaign aimed at adults with a dreaded hangover to cater to their new adult clientele.

Serving Alcohol, an online alcohol training course, has discovered this secret hangover cure from the Internet. Celebrity endorsements are helping boost the popularity of Pedialyte as a hangover cure. Miley Cyrus recently posted a selfie holding up a bottle of Pedialyte, and Pharrell Williams told US Weekly that he drinks the stuff “almost every day.”Alcohol is a diuretic.  Alcohol training providers teach how the consumption of alcohol depletes sodium, which regulates how water is used in the body.  Alcohol rids the body of water and electrolytes including potassium and magnesium through urination and can cause dehydration. Hangovers are the body’s reaction to withdrawal from alcohol. Common hangover symptoms may include fatigue, thirst, nausea and vomiting. The severity depends on the individual and how much they consumed.

Hangover Cure is Third of Pedialyte Market hangover cure

The company’s “See The Lyte” campaign features a shirtless man with messy hair standing before a fridge, which contains a bottle of Pedialyte. The fluid may help ease hangovers by replenishing the body with electrolytes, salts and sugars.

To help cater to the growing market for adults, brand owner Abbott Laboratories are selling larger packs of the powdered version of the drink.  Pedialyte is just another in a growing list of products and services catering to the market for hangover cures.  For those people who might be going into work with a hangover, bring along a bottle of coconut water instead of of Pedialyte. It’s a little less conspicuous.  To prevent or reduce the severity of a hangover, drink lots of water before and during your night out and eating a decent-sized meal beforehand.  To be truthful , there is no such thing as an instant hangover cure.  But the use of this child’s drink has help elevate the symptoms for more and more adults. 

So, the next time someone asks you for a good cure for a hangover, you can suggest Pedalyte. Is it really a cure? – No. There is no medical cure for a hangover. The real truth is alcohol needs time to process in and out of the body through oxidation.  But, as funny or odd as it seems, drinking Pedalyte has become the secret cure for the common adult hangover from alcohol.