Wisconsin State Fair Requires Responsible Alcohol Seller-Server Training

Alcohol Service Training for Employees
Mission Statement: To actively promote the responsible sale, service and consumption of alcoholic beverages at Wisconsin State Fair Park while maintaining a safe and friendly family atmosphere at the Park.
In an effort to keep consistent with our Mission Statement, Wisconsin State Fair Park has adopted the following criteria for approved employee alcohol service training. All Vendors with an alcohol service privilege and their employees who perform any type of alcohol service must posses a valid Wisconsin Bartenders License or complete and pass an alcohol service training program that has been approved by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue and fully complies with Wisconsin State Statutes 125.04 and 125.17.
Click here to take our approved Alcohol Service Training Program
Alcohol Service training courses can be taken online or in a classroom setting. Some online courses that are currently available are;
o Servingalcohol.com
Alcohol service training is currently valid for a three year period.
It is the responsibility of the Vendor to document and track the employee alcohol service training and results along with the number of employees that posses a valid bartenders license to ensure the proper level of staff has met the aforementioned criteria. The Vendor will have available and provide this list to WSFP upon request. Employees are required to have on display or carry their valid bartender‟s license or the official alcohol service training certificate while performing alcohol service duties on the ground.
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