Illinois Basset Alcohol Seller Server Training Course

  Our Illinois Basset course is required by the state of Illinois.  It's quick and easy to get your required official Basset certificate very simply and hassle free. This course is often referred as the Illinois bartender license or Illinois Basset seller/server permit. We give you proof of successful completion of your approved Illinois training program immediately upon completion. It's easy to begin and complete in one sitting. Take our alcohol training course at your leisure if you prefer. You can leave the course and come back as many times as you need over the next 6 months. When you return, the training will pick up where you last had left off.

  As of July 2018, anyone who sells or serves alcohol in the enter state of Illinois will be required to be Illinois Basset certified.  Establishments who maintained a train staff by our course are at an advantage with their insurance as they prefer your current with state rules, regulations, and laws.  More businesses are requiring an our alcohol seller/server certificate as a condition of employment. Our courses can be completed on any computer, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. Your certificate is available to you immediately when completed as an emailed PDF file.  Complete it tonight and email to your manager before going to work tomorrow.  Select your course, click enroll now, complete the course and print your certificate!

 Why Choose Serving Alcohol for your Basset license training?

  • Approved and recommended by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission
  • Meets Re-certification Requirements – Every 3 years
  • Quick and easy - get your Basset certificate today with no hassles
  • Recognized – by major employers, insurance firms and enforcement
  • Interactive – you may actually enjoy learning our engaging material
  • Live 24×7 Support.

Is Basset certificate training mandatory?

  On July 1, 2015, a new Illinois state law took effect requiring all sellers, servers, and door persons (ie: those required to check identification for the purchase of alcohol) in Cook County to take our official Illinois BASSET course every three years.
  On July 1, 2018, every county within the state of Illinois will require all sellers, servers, and door persons to successfully complete our official Illinois Basset certification course every three years (click on Required Training Dates for more details).

On-Premise VS. Off-Premise

It's often asked what is the difference. Simply put, On-Premise refers to those who serve alcohol in an establishment such as a bartender or waiter.  Off-Premise refers to those who sell alcohol but not serve it such as a liquor store or gas station.

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 Your Enrollment Fee Includes:
  • Access to online course and exam immediately
  • Access printable, temporary certificate immediately
  • Unlimited 24×7 free support
  • 3-year official certificate mailed (7-10 business days) from the state of Illinois

Official Basset Certificate Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training
License Number: 12-5A-0105593

We meet and exceed Illinois state requirements:
  • Course is Illinois Liquor Control Commision Official BASSET approved and recommended
    – Illinois Liquor Control Commission
  • Illinois – City of Chicago
  • Course must be approved by City of Chicago and BASSET certified
    Re-certification Requirements – Every 3 years
    Responsible Agency – Mayor’s Local Liquor Control Commission



Why choose us?

42 Years of Alcohol Training Knowledge and Experience

We take great pride in bringing you quality information.   We recognize that you are busy and alcohol training maybe not on the forefront of your mind.  We aim to give you accurate knowledge and quickly bring you "up to speed" with the most recent laws.  Some of our information may seem common knowledge.  But, as you do, we take your profession very seriously.   Your decisions, while serving alcohol, could make a dramatic difference in another person's life.  With a little of your time and our training,  we will help you become a safe server with a wider perspective on alcohol server training.

Serving Alcohol Inc provides thee industry leading training and services to Owners, Managers, Bartenders, Waitstaff, and Retail sellers of alcohol.  Our training incorporates decades or research directly from our staff because we have "been there" working in the alcohol serving environment.  You will learn all the "compliance" material and, as an added bonus, you will learn some hard won industry insights.  We work directly with the states that we represent so that your training is current, concise, accurate, and highly approved.  With our alcohol certification program, we give you the tools to learn to serve responsibly, a sense of responsibility, and respect for your community and your work environment. 

We are very responsive, if you have a problem, please contact us and we will work to resolve it ASAP.

Our interactive, high quality training is easy to get though.

Course Outline

Alcohol Awareness

  • Intoxication and alcohol elimination factors
  • The effects of blood alcohol content
  • Signs of impairment; poly-impairments and club drugs

Server Responsibilities

  • Monitor, card, intervene, and document
  • Duty of care; drinking is a privilege
  • SCAB customer unwanted behavior assessment


  • When and why to check ID
  • 7 Steps of Checking IDs


  • When to intervene
  • Intervention methods and techniques

State Alcohol Laws

  • Current State laws
  • Valid identification procedures and techniques
  • Surrounding states IDs

Course FAQ

  • Complete your alcohol training entirely online in less than 3 hours from beginning to end
  • Use any Internet device - Windows, Macintosh, Android tablet or phone, iPhone, iPad
  • Free certificate email delivery, immediately upon course completion. 
  • Download, print, or email your certificate at no extra cost
  • Take a break and return where you left off. The system remembers what you completed
  • Access to course content for six months
  • 100% pass guarantee, if you don't pass and we will refund your money

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