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Each training course is approved by the state it represents.  It is accredited and official alcohol or food handlers certification.  Select your course by state or choose one of our other options along the right side of the page.  Our Responsible Alcohol Manager, Master Bartender, Food Handlers, and Food Manager certification courses offer an optional but sometimes required training.  For greater discounts and control, we have our option of course by state for your Business.   Our Business Accounts gives you a 15% discount on our already normal low prices.  With it, you will have the ability to view your staff’s progress daily, weekly, monthly, or whatever you choose.  You can easily see who started their training, who had completed their training, and save and print each of their certificates for your files from one centralized location. 

The Intended Training You Want offers best option to achieve your online course by state alcohol training or food handlers alcohol course by statecertification.  We go beyond simple alcohol awareness and carding techniques to deliver everything needed to know as an alcohol seller or server in your state.  You deserve to know the possible implications that surround the service of alcohol.  You may be held personally responsible in the event of a negative or devastating experience.  Knowledge of how to handle certain situations is critical.  It’s a necessity for an individual or establishment to know all aspects that surround the service of alcohol.  It’s more than you think is possible.  You have earned the right to know this information. A lot of responsibility rides on your shoulders. 

We are the preferred alcohol training provider for many liability insurance carriers across the United States.


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