Michigan Responsible Serving Course

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Our Michigan Alcohol Certification Course course is approved by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  This is an On-Premise and Off-Premise online server training program. This course is often referred to as your Michigan bartender license training.  Our Michigan alcohol certification server training meets Michigan required server training for supervisory personnel. Both, on each shift and during all hours when alcoholic liquor is served.

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) was created upon the repeal of Prohibition by the legislature acting in special session in December of 1933.  The act creating it empowered the Commission to control all alcoholic beverage traffic within this state.  The Commission consists of five members appointed by the Governor.  The mission of the Michigan Liquor Control Commission is to make alcoholic beverages available for consumption while protecting the consumer and the general public through regulation of those involved in the sale and distribution of these alcohol beverage products.

Since 2002 Michigan has been requiring at a minimum, supervisory personnel on each shift and during all hours in which alcoholic liquor is served who have successfully completed a server training program as further described in section 906.
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Michigan Alcohol Seller Server Course
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