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Massachusetts Food Handler Card

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How to Get Your Massachusetts Food Handler Card

Getting a Massachusetts food handler card could not be easier. Click on Enroll Now and complete the course within 90 minutes or less. Next, print your Massachusetts food handler permit. Sometimes, you might need to complete an application to get your permit with the city clerk's office. In any case, you’ll need to present this completed Massachusetts food handler certificate before going in.

You'll learn what is needed to prevent foodborne illness for your customers where you’re at work. So once you have your certificate, you can use it to show your employer and state health officials that you understand food safety best practices.


Get Your Massachusetts Food Handler Card

The course is about 90 minutes. Some people easily complete it in less amount of time. You complete the course in one sitting or come back to complete it when you have time. Log out and log back in as many times as needed. Learn at your own pace at anytime, anywhere, and on any computer, tablet, or cell phone.

We have partnered with one of the leading and most reputable training providers of food handler safety, State Food Safety. In 2005, they began partnerships with health departments throughout the United States to administer food handler card programs online.

As a friend to environmental health departments everywhere, they partnered with more than 150 regulatory agencies to date. Each state and location training program is customized to meet the statutes and regulations in each area, all while presenting the training in a fun and engaging way.

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