Arkansas Responsible Permittee Course

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Arkansas Course Information

(3 Hour Course)

This course adheres to the Arkansas Responsible Permittee Program by AR Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. Our course will give you the necessary tools to obtain your Arkansas Bartender License. Bartenders, waiters, waitstaff, or anyone serving or selling alcohol in Arkansas will benefit greatly from this training. We tailor our AR course with special techniques for intervention in adverse situations that will come in handy while on duty. Our online alcohol server training will teach you responsible alcohol serving techniques. If you are in need of your Arkansas server permit, our course is for you.

  • 100% Online interactive and self-paced training
  • Complete in 3 hours or less
  • 24/7 Customer Support Center
  • Certification is Valid for 3 years

    Below are the tasks you will learn:

    • How to protect yourself and your establishment from liability
    • How alcohol affects your customers
    • How to recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
    • How to prevent customers from becoming intoxicated
    • How to intervene when you need to refuse a sale to someone
    • How to prevent and deal with disturbances
    • How to accurately check IDs and recognize minors
    • How to prevent second-party sales
    • How to refuse a sale
    • How to react to authorities when a problem arises.

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