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New York ATAP Alcohol Certification
New York Alcohol Training Awareness Program

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New York ATAP Alcohol Certification

Authorized and Approved by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA)

Our special priced New York ATAP certification course is authorized and approved by the New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA). By taking our New York ATAP certification, you are authorized by the state as a New York responsible alcohol seller server by a 35 plus years experienced training provider with a discount. New York ATAP is an acronym for Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP). See us listed as approved on the NYSLA website under Serving Alcohol, Inc.: https://sla.ny.gov/certified-atap-schools

Our New York alcohol certification does have benefits to you. The New York State Liquor Authority (NYSLA) will consider attaining our certification as a mitigating factor if, at the time of violation, you had committed a service of alcohol violation. If you are a business owner licensee, this course serves as a certified alcohol training awareness program and you diligently implemented and complied with the NYSLA training program. This course is often referred to as New York alcoholic beverage certification or New York alcohol server/seller permit.

Serving Alcohol is the most reputable and state recognized authorized certified New York ATAP training provider. Most businesses are now requiring employees serving or selling alcohol to be certified by our New York Liquor Authority state authorized course.

  • NYSLA-Approved Course Provider (Albany AT 0014)
  • No Timers
  • Take anywhere, anytime, & on any computer, tablet, iOS, or Android device.
  • Download and Print Your Certificate Instantly for FREE.

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This New York alcohol course gives you with the tools to sell and serve alcohol responsibly.  With our course you will not only protect yourself but the establishment where you are serving the alcohol.

Since 1985, we have alcohol certified tens of thousands of individuals and businesses over the last 35 years. Serving Alcohol was founded by former bar and restaurant managers, bartenders, and servers. Our training incorporates decades of research.  Over the decades, we have worked diligently with the state department and liability lawyers to create the most reputable and recommended alcohol certification training.

We recognize that you are busy and alcohol training maybe not on the forefront of your mind.  We aim to give you accurate knowledge and quickly bring you "up to speed" with the most recent laws. Some of our information may seem common knowledge. But, as you do, we take your profession very seriously. Your decisions, while serving alcohol, could make a dramatic difference in another person's life.  With a little of your time and our training,  we will help you become a safer alcohol seller or server and increase your tips. Select your course, click Enroll Now, complete the course and print your free certificate and wallet card all within a couple of hours.

Quick & Easy

This course takes only 2 hours or less depending on the individual. It's easy to begin and complete in one sitting or take our training course at your leisure. Leave and come back to the course as many times as needed.  When you return, the training will pick up where you last had left.

Use Any Cell Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Our courses can be completed on any computer, tablet, or cellphone. Your certificate is available to you immediately upon completion as an emailed PDF file.  Complete it tonight and email to your manager before going to work tomorrow.  Select your course, click Enroll Now, complete the course and print your certificate. Upon successful completion of the NY alcohol awareness course, you will be able to print a certificate immediately. Your certification is valid by the state of New York for 3 years.

Required By Most Insurance Carriers

Most liability insurance carriers for alcohol serving establishments (restaurants, bars, taverns, night clubs, etc.) require all employees to be alcohol certified. They will require your staff remain current with state rules, regulations, and laws, in regards to the service of alcohol.  As a result, more businesses are requiring our alcohol training certificate as a condition of employment.

  • NYSLA-Approved Course
  • Fastest way to get your NY Alcohol Seller/Server license
  • Highly recognized by bars, restaurants, liquor stores, and insurance carriers

Additionally, you will learn:

  • The effects of alcohol on your patrons
  • Keep customers from becoming intoxicated
  • Intervene when you need to refuse a sale
  • Prevent intoxicated customers from disturbing others
  • Properly check IDs and to recognize minors
  • Prevent second-party sales
  • Protect yourself and the establishment from liability
New York ATAP Alcohol Certification

New York Food Handlers Card

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Responsible Alcohol Manager Course

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New York ATAP Alcohol Service
Frequently Asked Questions

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The New York ATAP alcohol certification is valid for 3 years from the issue date.

  • 18- Note: Barbacks/busboys must be 16 years of age in an on-premise
    establishment and directly supervised by an employee 21 years or older.
  • 18 - Minimum age to be able to serve alcohol in New York.
  • 18 - Minimum age to sell alcohol in a liquor or convenience store.

No. It is not mandatory to be New York alcohol certified. Responsible alcohol training is required by most employers for their liability insurance carrier regardless of state or city laws.

Yes, with restrictions. If a felon will be working at any location other than a restaurant (bar, club, tavern, etc.) a Certificate of Relief is needed for their felony charge and each misdemeanor. If a felon will be working at a premises that is filed and operating as a restaurant with the SLA, they do not need a Certificate of Relief, despite their felony and/or misdemeanor.

Blood alcohol content or BAC for a DUI is .08% or more while being in physical control of a vehicle. 

Licensees and servers can be held liable for selling to minors or visibly intoxicated guests.

New York General Obligations Law section 11-100 and section 11-101 cover dram shop and social host liability after an alcohol-related accident.

Section 11-100 covers liability when the intoxicated person is a minor, while Section 11-101 covers liability when a vendor or individual provides alcohol to an intoxicated person illegally. In these situations, an injured person may bring a claim against the party who provided the alcohol if:

  • the vendor or host "knowingly" caused intoxication or impairment by "unlawfully" providing alcohol (11-101), or
  • the vendor or host knowingly caused intoxication or impairment by unlawfully providing alcohol to someone they knew or had reason to believe was under age 21 (11-100).
If the alcohol was provided legally to a person age 21 or over, however, an alcohol vendor or social host cannot be held liable in New York, even if the person became intoxicated and caused injury to someone else as a result of that intoxication.

No promotion may require proof of purchase of an alcohol beverage. All drinks must be served to the customer. Bottle sales, except for wines and champagnes, are prohibited. The law allows a licensee to offer a food and drink combination for a special price.

On Premise Establishment: Monday thru Saturday: 8:00 a.m. until Midnight. Sundays: Sales prohibited between 4:00 a.m. until Noon
Off Premise/Retail Stores: Monday thru Saturday: 8:00 a.m. until Midnight. Grocery Stores: 24 hours. Sunday: Sales prohibited in liquor, grocery and drug stores between 3:00 a.m. until Noon
Note: May vary- refer to local jurisdiction chart at https://sla.ny.gov/county-closing-hours.

To re-print your New York certificate or wallet sized card, go to our Certificate Search section here:  Certificate Search and Wallet Card

  • A valid driver’s license or non-driver identification card issued by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, the Federal Government, a State Government, Commonwealth, Possession or Territory of the United States or a Provincial Government of Canada: or
  • a valid U.S. passport
  • valid passport from any other country
  • a valid military ID from the U.S.

State of New York
State Liquor Authority
84 Holland Avenue
Albany, New York 12208
Phone: 518-474-3114
General Internet Site: www.abc.state.ny.us

We have over 30 plus years of experience and consider the most reputable and recommended training provider in the service of alcohol certification.  Our founder, Robert Pomplun, has been involved in the hospitality industry as an alcohol certification consultant, instructor, manager, and coordinator. Our alcohol training and certification courses with Robert's guidance have benefited tens of thousands of bartenders, servers, managers, owners, and security staff across the nation. Our courses will prepare you and your team with knowledge as the most critical component of responsible alcohol service.

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Computers or devices compatible to take this course:

  • Windows 7,8,or 10
  • Mac OSX or better
  • Android based tablet or phone (version 5.0 or better)
  • iPhone 6 or better
  • iPad 4 or better

Compatible web browsers:

  • Google Chrome ver. 50 or better
  • Mozilla Firefox ver. 45 or better
  • Safari 10 or better
  • Microsoft IE 11 or better
  • Microsoft Edge


We want to make a special note concerning Samsung web browsers on Android devices. Interactive learning software has some difficulties with the Samsung browser.  Please, switch to the native Google Chrome browser on your device instead.  You will have a better user experience.  Every Samsung smartphone comes with the native Google Chrome web browser.  If you need to download it, click the link below.

Most Recommended Alcohol Certification Training

Serving Alcohol has over 35 years of experience in teaching alcohol certification principles and in-depth knowledge. You'll learn alcohol awareness training, intervention techniques, server duties, carding procedures, and state laws. All in a simple online alcohol server training course that is easy to understand. If you're a bartender, a waiter / waitress, or server looking to achieve your bartender license or server permit, then our course is the one you'll need.

  • Online interactive and self-paced training
  • 100% Pass Guarantee or your money back
  • 24/7 Customer Support Center

Who Should Take our Alcohol Certification

  • Bartenders
  • Bar backs
  • Servers & Wait Staff
  • Restaurant / Bar Supervisors
  • Restaurant / Bar Managers & Owners
  • Wine & Liquor Store Cashiers
  • Grocery Store Cashiers
  • Store Supervisors, Manager, & Owners

You Will Learn How To

  • Protect yourself and establishment from liability
  • Recognize the effects of alcohol on your customers
  • Prevent customers from becoming overly intoxicated
  • Intervene when you need to refuse a sale effectively
  • Prevent and deal with disturbances
  • Accurately check IDs and recognize minors with fake IDs
  • Prevent second-party sales
  • React with authorities when a problem arises