Safe Cabs – Free Ride Home For Afterhours Crowd

A Judge in Isanti County Minnesota has been leading the way to keep the celebrating safe.  It’s called Safe Cabs.  It’s a free ride home for the citizens of Isanti County, MN.  Judge Dehn’s program is spreading with great success to other Minnesota counties throughout the state. Since beginning the … Read More

Booze, braids and more: Odd state laws take effect

Virginia hunters can now choose to wear pink in the woods. Indiana residents will no longer be able to avoid positive drug tests by purchasing fake urine. And South Carolina distillers can now legally mix their spirits in their tasting rooms. Those laws are among the hundreds that went into … Read More

Bartenders Debate Level Of Responsible Service

The best bartenders get a kick out of knowing they’re helping people have a good time – but what if it goes too far? Should bartenders be to blame if someone drinks themselves into injury or illness?   Bartending is a profession dedicated to the art of hospitality, but working … Read More

Wisconsin alcohol sales must be face to face

According to Wisconsin Law, statue 125.51(6), 125.272 alcohol beverage sales must be made face to face with buyer and seller both physically present at the licensed premises. The exceptions have to do with hotel rooms and caterers. Here are a few scenarios that would likely be against the law: During … Read More

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